Yeast Diversity of Leaves of Trees in Mt.Daedun of Korea 

This study focused on isolation and identification of wild yeasts from leaves of trees in mountains of Korea and elucidation of its yeast diversity.Wild yeas...
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Efficiency of sample-based indices for spatial pattern recognition of wild pistachio(Pistacia atlantica) trees in semi-arid woodlands 

The efficiency of sample-based indices proposed to quantify the spatial distribution of trees is influenced by the structure of tree stands, environmental heter...
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Browse silage as potential feed for captive wild ungulates in southern Africa:A review 

The objective of the review was to assess the potential of indigenous browse trees as sustainable feed supplement in the form of silage for captive wild ungulat...
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沉香是沉香属植物含树脂的心材,具行气止痛、温中止呕、纳气平喘的功效,用于治疗胸腹胀闷疼痛、胃寒呕吐呃逆、肾虚气逆喘急。 白木香(Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Gilg)是国产沉香的主要植物来源,为我国特有的珍惜濒危药用植物。白木香野生资源主要分布于海南岛。因伐树结香,目前野生资源已几乎破...
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Wild pistachio tree (Pistacia mutica) in the Qalajeh forest region of western Iran 

Wild pistachio tree(Pistacia mutica)is considered the most important species in the Zagros forests. It can adapt to unfavorable environmental conditions. To fin...
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A molecular phylogenetic framework for the genus Citrus inferred from AFLP fingerprints,ITS and plastid DNA sequences(Abstract) 

The genus Citrus L.has a long controversial taxonomic history.A better understanding of the phylogenetic relationships among its key wild species is essentia...
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本研究利用新疆野生果树资源的资料和现有研究成果,结合计算机技术及数据库的构建方法,对新疆野生果树资源相关性状数据等进行分析和整理,并以Visual Basic6.0和Microsoft Access为开发工具构建了野生果树资源数据库系统。旨在实现新疆野生果树资源信息的科学化管理,为科研、教学和农业生产实现数...
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Margays are a kind of wild cat.They live in forests in Central and South America.Margays spend a lot of time in trees.Long tails help them balance(平衡).And th...
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Above-ground woody biomass allocation and within tree carbon and nutrient distribution of wild cherry(Prunus avium L.)-a case study 

Background:The global search for new ways to sequester carbon has already reached agricultural lands.Such land constitutes a major potential carbon sink.The pro...
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Wild Fungi of Yichang 

Ninety-five wild fungi species belonging to 56 genera from 33 families have been identified in Yichang, and their distribution characteristics described.
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