The Development of a Knowledgeable Monitoring System for Weapon Equipment 

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My Secret Weapon 

~~My Secret Weapon@麦克
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Research on Weapon Equipment Civil-Military Integration Development Mode Based on Fuzzy Petri Net 

Scientific and rational weapon equipment Civil-Military Integration development mode is the basis for the realization of Civil-Military Integration goal.This pa...
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Nuclear-weapon-free Zone in Central Asia: Kazakhstan on the Path to Global Zero 

The modern nuclear non-proliferation regime is one of the most successful examples ofinternational regimes. It is viewed as a system, which has gone through his...
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Analysis Method of Weapon Equipment Based on System 

The analysis method of weapon system was restricted to single equipment or single weapon system at the present time.This paper mainly solves this problem from t...
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Study on a Fire Distribution Model of Integrated Naval Gun and Laser Weapon System 

Weapon system with gun and laser is a newly developed weapon system. In order to improve the combat effectiveness of the integrated gun and laser weapon system,...
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Anti-Transient Fault Designment in Airborne Weapons' Intelligent Launching Management 

The factors which affect the weapon application,such as target threat level,weapon status,and aviation mission are analyzed.The application model of airborne w...
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Japan Must Deal With the Chemical Weapon 

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手机套(weapon case) 

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