Catalytic effect of water, water dimer and water trimer on the H_2S + ~3O_2 formation from the HO_2 + HS reaction in tropospheric conditions 

In this article,the reaction mechanisms of the H_2S+~3O_2 formation from the HO_2+HS reaction with catalyst X(X=H_2O,(H_2O)_2 and(H_2O)_3)have been investiga...
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Catalytic ozonation of phenol in water with natural brucite and magnesia 

Catalytic ozonation has attracted much attention in treatment of wastewater for its mild conditions. Phenol and its ramificatio
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The study on the application of a new class of chiral 1,4-dimine catalysts to the catalytic asymmetric Henry reaction in water 

Chiral diamine ligand is one of the most important ligands in asymmetric catalytic reaction.Among them,the majority is about 1,2-diamine[1]and about 1,4-diamine...
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The effect of copper valence on catalytic combustion of styrene over the copper based catalysts in the absence and presence of water vapor 

Catalysts Cu Ox/γ-Al_2O_3-IH and Cu Ox/γ-Al_2O_3-IM were prepared, characterized, and tested for styrene combustion in the absence and presence of water vapor. ...
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Study of Catalytic Pyrolysis of Chlorella with γ-Al_2O_3 Catalyst 

Chlorella samples were pyrolysed in a fixed bed reactor with γ-Al_2O_3orZSM-5 molecular sieve catalyst at 600℃.Liquid oil samples was collected from pyrolysis e...
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The standard describes a chemical method for the determination of bound nitrogen in water in a range of 10 to 200 mg/l (as N). The organic nitrogen is dev...
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Liquid-Phase Catalytic Hydrogenation of Furfural in Variable Solvent Media 

Water is the most abundant compound inherently existing in bio-oils. Thus understanding the role of water within bio-oils upgrading process is essential for fut...
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Catalytic hydrodechlorination of 4-chlorophenol and denitration from waste water over a series of Pd-In/γ-Al_2O_3 bimetallic catalysts 

Nowadays,about the chlorophenols and nitrate nitrogen compounds has aroused wide concern for environmental pollution.[1,2]Supported Pd-In bimetallic catalyst...
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Effects of organic solvent and crystal water on γ-chymotrypsin in acetonitrile media:observations from molecular dynamics simulation and DFT calculation 

The use of enzymes in non-aqueous solvent has been one of the most exciting facets of enzymology in recent times.However,the mechanism of how organic solvent an...
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Microwave Induced Catalytic Oxidation of Methylene Blue in Water by ε-MnO_2 

Microwave induced catalytic oxidation has been an important mean for treating high-concentration organic pollutants. Microwave catalyst is the key factor of the...
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The copper based catalysts,CuO/γ-Al2O3,CuO/γ-Al2O3-cordierite(Cord) and CuO/Cord,were prepared by impregnation method.The catalytic activity of the catalysts wa...
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Photo Catalytic Oxidation of Alcohols in Water under Natural Weathering Conditions in the Presence of Bromo Source 

1 Results The oxidation of alcohols into the corresponding carbonyl compound is one of the most important functional group transformation in organic synthes...
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