Material utilization research of solid waste resource includingred mud and iron tailings 

It briefly analyzes the present situations of comprehensive utilization of solid waste,such as red mud and iron tailings at home and abroad.It focuses on materi...
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Effective Resource Utilization for Cooperative Relaying Selections with Opportunistic NOMA 

This paper investigates an effective resource uti-lization scheme for the cooperative relaying networks(CRN)with non-orthogonal multiple access(NOMA).Considerin...
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OsPTR9 affects nitrogen utilization efficiency,growth,and grain yield in rice 

The plant PTR/NRT1 family comprises di/tripeptide and low affinity nitrate transporters; some members also recognize other substrates such as carboxylates,ph...
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OsPTR9 affects nitrogen utilization efficiency,growth,and grain yield in rice 

The plant NPF family(previously known as PTR/NRTI:peptide transporter/nitrate transporter 1)comprises di/tripeptide and low affinity nitrate transporters;som...
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Resveratrol Promotes Cellular Glucose Utilization in Primary Cultured Cortical Neurons via Calcium-Dependent Signaling Pathway 

Impairment of glucose utilization contributes to neuronal degeneration of Alzheimer s disease(AD)patients.Cellular glucose utilization can be regulated by ca...
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Is Exotic Fish More Tolerant to Eutrophication than the Native One?—Comparison in Feeding,Growth and Food Utilization 

Effects of water trophic status on feeding,growth and food utilization of Hemiculter leucisculus (exotic fish for Fuxian Lake)and Anabarilius grahami(native ...
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Effect on production and utilization of ATP by traditional Chinese medicine 

Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) is a system of therapies that has developedthrough empiricism for over 2100 years and has remained a popular alternative medic...
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The social ecological determinants of the satisfaction and the utilization of primary care by chronically-ill patients in Xiamen 

Objective Primary care is increasingly important to build a strong healthcare in China with the development of healthcare reform.Xiamen mode stands out among th...
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ATP utilization mechanism by the harmful algal bloom dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi 

Phosphorus is a vital nutrient for marine phytoplankton but its preferred form,dissolved inorganic phosphorus,is often limited in the euphotic zone.Hence,the ab...
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Sequential control of biosynthetic path ways for balanced utilization of metabolic intermediates in Saccharomy cescerevisiae 

Balanced utilization of metabolic intermediates and controllable expression of genes in biosynthetic pathways are key issues for the effective production of ...
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Comparative research of effective utilization and efficacy duration of phenamacrilon rice bakanae disease control by different seed treatment methods Department of Plant Pathology,China Agricultural University 

Phenamacril is a domestically created new fungicide,which showed a good control effecton rice bakanae disease.To clarify the effective utilization and efficacy ...
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Comprehensive Utilization Technology and Case of Foundry Solid Waste 

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NRT1.1s,beyond the transporters 

Nitrate transporter AtNRT1.1 is the principal component for nitrate signaling in Arabidopsis.Notably,monocots and eudicots differ in the number of NRT1.1 genes,...
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