Study on Liquefying Simulation Test of Retaining Structure Ground of Kobe Port 

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Study to Spaceborne Rubidium Atomic Clocks Characteristics and Ground Test Requirements 

This paper summarizes the experience and results throughout the development process of the Spaceborne Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard(SRAFS) in Beidou naviga...
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Numerical simulation for thermal response test performance in closed-loop vertical ground heat exchanger 

In this study, a series of numerical analyses was performed in order to evaluate the performance of full-scale closed-loop vertical ground heat exchangers const...
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Ground Static Tests for LM-5 Tanks Completed 

On December 17,2015,the Beijing Institute of Structural and Environmental Engineering and the Beijing Institute of Aerospace Testing Technology successfully ...
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Linglong and IDIADA Signed Strategic Cooperation Project for Testing Ground 

On July 1,a signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation project,Zhongya Tire Testing Ground,between Linglong Group and Spanish IDIANA was held in Zhaoyuan...
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HK May Become Test Ground for Freer Yuan 

The Central Government may allow the issue of yuan bonds in Hong Kong and permit cross-border trade to be settled in yuan,Hong Kong s financial secretary sai...
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Simulation Matching Test Of Spacecraft And Ground Station Of Lunar Exploration Project Completed 

Recently, a faint signal just like that from more than 300,000km away was captured in Urumqi by the units including China Natio
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First Domestic Tires Testing Ground Having Possessed Test Conditions 

As the acceptance of tires rolling resistance test bed,the last test equipment,was completed on May30,CATRC Yancheng Automobile Testing Ground,the first thir...
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CATRC Yancheng Automobile Testing Ground Put into Trial Operation 

Construction of Domestic Tire Testing Ground Made Breakthrough,Construction of Central Asia Tire Testing Ground StartedOn the Key Tire Enterprises Forum of C...
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First Domestic Third-Party Tire Testing Ground to Be Completed in October 

The reporter learned from the China Rubber Annual Conference held in Qingdao at the end of March that CATRC Yancheng Automobile Testing Ground Co.,Ltd.,the l...
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Prototype of space-borne LTT module and its ground tests 

In order to develop the technique of Laser Time Transfer(LTT) ,Shanghai Astronomical Observatory has built a prototype of space-borne LTT module. The performanc...
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民用航空器维修 地面安全 第5部分:民用航空器的地面试车 

民用航空器维修 地面安全 第5部分:民用航空器的地面试车
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Seismic behavior of breakwaters on complex ground by numerical tests:Liquefaction and post liquefaction ground settlements 

A large number of breakwaters have been constructed along coasts to protect humans and infrastructures from tsunamis.There is a risk that foundation soils of th...
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Study of the GPS System Test and Validation Scheme While Upgrading the Ground Segment 

The development procedure of GPS ground segment is briefly described in this paper. The process and system design of the system test and validation is studied a...
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