"Key Technical Standard Advancing Project" in the National Science & Technology Program Of the Eleventh Five-year Plan Period 

At the time of going to press,among the first batch of 11 subjects from the Key Technical Standard Advancing Project started originally in 2007 andled by t...
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Announcement of Newly Approved National Standards of P. R. China——2005 No.6(total No.80) 

General Administration ofQ uality Supervision,Inspection and Q uarantine ofP.R.China and Standardization A dm inistration ofChi
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Beijing Imternational&High-Tech Expo raises flag of business opportunities for the Olympic Games The standard of this year's fair was even higher 

The sixth Beijing ImternationalHigh-Tech Expo, which had beenpostponed because of SARS, attractedeven more attention than the pastyears. The standard of thi...
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为了保护公众健康,各国都制定了相应的空气质量标准。美国环保署开发的空气质量标准模拟评估软件MATS (Modeled Attainment Test Software)主要用于实现对PM2.5和O3的模拟评估以及对地区灰霾的分析。MATS利用监测数据和模型数据来评估所设定的排放削减量能否产生满足空气质量标准的环境浓度。...
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Assessment of High-standard Farmland Construction Effectiveness in Liaoning Province During 2011–2015 

At present, the large-scale construction of high-standard farmland in China has improved the quality of cropland and crop production and enhanced the eco-enviro...
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Standards' Role Underlined in National Sci &Tech Innovation Plan(2016-2020) 

The 13~(th) Five-Year National Science and Technology Innovation Plan(Plan for short)issued by the State of Council in August clarified the overall strategy ...
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The State Environmental Protection Standards Planning During 11~(th) Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) 

This planning is stipulated to reinforce Decision by State Council on Reinforcing Environmental Protection with Views of Scient
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Standard Form 

One light year(distance travelled by light in one year)is approximately 9 500 000 000 000 kin.The mass of the earth is 6 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 tonnes.T...
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China's Electronic Information Product Energy Consumption Standard 

The electronic information industry of China is facing increasingly urgent ecological challenges.This year,
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Announcement of Newly Approved National Standards of P. R. China 

General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R. China and Standardization Administration of China have approved the followin...
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Chalco Raises the Standard in Developing Bauxite Resources 

Facing the investment rush in alumina production and the improper development of the bauxite resources, China Aluminium Corporation (Chalco) recently says th...
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Accounting Conservatism in Chinese Listed Firms: The Influence of Standards,Incentives,and Monitoring 

This study examines the interplay of accounting standards,reporting incentives,and monitoring mechanisms in the determination of conservatism among listed firms...
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New national standard for textile products to be implemented in August 

The new National Security Technique Standard for Textile Products will be implemented in August 1 this year. Compared with the old version,
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