A Revised Pre-Order Principle and Set-Valued Ekeland Variational Principles with Generalized Distances 

In my former paper A pre-order principle and set-valued Ekeland variational principle (see [J. Math. Anal. Appl., 419, 904–937(2014)]), we established a genera...
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A Comparative Study of Gricean Principle and Neo-Gricean Principle 

Gricean Principle is a vital theory in Pragmatics.Since it came into being,there were support,as well as doubt,criticism and revision,among which,Neo-Gricean Pr...
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Analysis of Verbal Humor in American Comedy from the Perspectives of the Cooperative Principle and the Politeness Principle——A Case Study of Seinfeld 

The cooperative principle which is closely related to people’s lives and the politeness principle which plays an impor-tant role in daily communication,are comp...
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Priority of the Politeness Principle over the Cooperative Principle in Communication 

The Cooperative Principle that Grice proposes explains how conversational implicature is generated but it does not tell us why people are often inclined to conv...
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Analysis of Cooperative Principle and Politeness Principle in Desperate Housewives 

Desperate Housewives is a very famous family ethics drama in America. In Desperate Housewives, there are many conversations which are concerned with pragmatics....
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A Study on Three Teaching Principles of Communicative Language Teaching Based on Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy 

Communicative Language Teaching is a new teaching methodology different from the China s traditional teaching methodology. For the application of Communicative ...
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The Application of Cooperation Principle and Politeness Principle in Oral Teaching 

The pragmatic principle that people should comply with in communicative activities are the principles of cooperation and politeness principle.The principles of ...
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Analysis on the Shift of Personal Pronoun in the Chinese Language——in Terms of Cooperative Principle and Politeness Principle 

Personal pronoun shift is a common phenomenon that by using second or third personal pronoun,the speaker means first personal pronoun;or speaker means second pe...
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Perspectives on the Applicability of Cooperative Principle and Politeness Principle in China 

As two main universal principles in conversation,Cooperative Principle and Politeness Principle play important roles in communication and intercultural communic...
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Cooperative Principle and Politeness Principle in Listening Teaching 

This paper, aiming to improve EFL listening teaching, tries to apply cooperative principle and politeness principle into classroom.
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Principle一词在课文“Where Principles Come First”中的词义 

在英语中一词多义的现象十分普遍,读者常常需要根据上下文采判断一个单词在文中的具体词义。在课文 Where Principles Come First 中,principle一词虽重复出现,却表达了不同的词义。该词对课文的理解起着至关重要的作用,而该教材教师用书对该词的理解却颇为不当。
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Applicability of Cooperative Principle and Politeness Principle in English Language Learning and Teaching in China 

This essay aims to compare and contrast the Cooperative Principle(CP) and Politeness Principle(PP) under the context of English learning and teaching in China.T...
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High-Order Hamilton's Principle and the Hamilton's Principle of High-Order Lagrangian Function 

In this paper,based on the theorem of the high-order velocity energy,integration and variation principle,the high-order Hamilton s principle of general holo...
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Plastic variational principle based on the least work consumption principle 

Plastic variational principles are foundation to solve the boundary-value problems of plastic mechanics with the variational method(or energy method) and finite...
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The paper discusses two basic principles derived from results of studies concerning foundations of micro-theories of knowledge creation;these are Multimedia ...
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