Grey interpolation approach for small time-lag samples based on grey dynamic relation analysis 

Given a non-equidistant sequence or an equidistant series with one or more outliers, a grey interpolation approach considering the time lags is established for ...
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Improved grey prediction model based on exponential grey action quantity 

With the passage of time, it has become important to investigate new methods for updating data to better fit the trends of the grey prediction model. The tradit...
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Interval grey number sequence prediction by using non-homogenous exponential discrete grey forecasting model 

This paper aims to study a new grey prediction approach and its solution for forecasting the main system variable whose accurate value could not be collected wh...
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Ranking grey numbers based on dominance grey degrees 

With respect to the decision making problems where a lot of fuzzy and grey information always exists in the real-life decision making information system, it is ...
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Incoherently Coupled Grey-Grey Spatial Soliton Pairs in Biased Two-Photon Photovoltaic Photorefractive Crystals 

The incoherently coupled grey-grey screening-photovoltaic spatial soliton pairs are predicted in biasedtwo-photon photovoltaic photorefractive crystals unde...
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Research on evaluations of several grey relational models adapt to grey relational axioms 

Grey relational analysis is an important part of the grey systems theory, and it is the basis of the grey clustering analysis, grey decision-making and grey con...
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Grey relationship analysis and grey forecasting modeling on thermal stability of synthetic single diamond 

Through analyzing 7 Ib-type samples of synthetic single diamonds by their DTA and TG in air, we ascertained the extrapolated onset temperature on the curves of ...
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Grey 子集的分解及 Grey 子群的代数结构 

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文章利用灰色层次分析法(grey-analytic hierarchy process,Grey-AHP)构建了包括目标层、准则层和指标层3个层次的评价指标体系,对基于灰数判断矩阵的Grey-AHP评估方法进行研究,并通过一个具体案例的应用来验证文中所提方法的有效性。
《合肥工业大学学报(自然科学版)》  2016年 第11期 下载次数(57)| 被引次数(1)

Influence and Optimization of Surface Roughness on Surface Integrity during Turning Using Grey Relational Analysis 

Current machining studies have reported effects of prevalent and common factors, while ultra-high finish requires holistic approach to identify all factors and ...
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Study of Grey Rough Set Model Based on Tolerance Relation 

This paper analyses several extended rough set models in incomplete information systems and proposes a tolerance relation based model of processing grey incompl...
《International Journal of Systems and Control》  2007年 第01期 下载次数(204)| 被引次数(3)

The Method of Data Pre-processing in Grey Information Systems 

In this paper, a method of data pre-processing in grey information systems was proposed to deal with grey information. The binning technique was introduced to s...
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Differential neuronal reprogramming induced by NeuroD1 from astrocytes in grey matter versus white matter 

A new technology called in vivo glia-to-neuron conversion has emerged in recent years as a promising next generation therapy for neural regeneration and repair....
《Neural Regeneration Research》  2020年 第02期 下载次数(14)| 被引次数(0)

Nutritional evaluation of different cultivars of potatoes(Solanum tuberosum L.) from China by grey relational analysis(GRA) and its application in potato steamed bread making 

Chemical composition(moisture,protein,starch,ash,fiber,fat),vitamins(vitamin C,vitamin B1,vitamin B2),total polyphenol content,antioxidant capacity,minerals,and...
《Journal of Integrative Agriculture》  2019年 第01期 下载次数(32)| 被引次数()