An Application-Oriented Cache Allocation and Prefetching Method for Long-Running Applications in Distributed Storage Systems 

Characteristics of long-running applications in cloud and big data environment are various and significantly influence the performance of cache systems.The gap ...
《Chinese Journal of Electronics》  2019年 第04期 下载次数(15)| 被引次数()

Application of source biasing technique for energy efficient DECODER circuit design: memory array application 

Researchers have proposed many circuit techniques to reduce leakage power dissipation in memory cells.If we want to reduce the overall power in the memory syste...
《Journal of Semiconductors》  2018年 第04期 下载次数(7)| 被引次数()

Optimum Application Time and Application Rate of Nitrogen Fertilizer in Brassica napus L. 

To find proper nitrogen fertilizer application mode of rapeseed( Brassica napus L.),promote the high and stable yield of rapeseed,field experiment was carried o...
《Asian Agricultural Research》  2018年 第05期 下载次数(26)| 被引次数(1)

Linear Canonical Transform Related Operators and Their Applications to Signal Analysis——Part Ⅱ: Applications 

In this part of the paper, based on the fundamentals derived in Part I, we develop and implement two new algorithms. The first one, based on the proposed correl...
《Chinese Journal of Electronics》  2015年 第02期 下载次数(26)| 被引次数(1)

Development and Application of CARR:Neutron Beam Application on CARR 

The neutron has the following properties:No charge,low energy,inherence magnetic moment,deep penetration,sensitivity on light element(such as H,C,N,O,etc),di...
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Development and Application of CARR:Introduction of Experiment and Application of CARR 

With the finishing of China Advanced Research Reactor project construction and B,C commissioning phase various irradiation experiments and application progra...
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Call for papers Journal of Control Theory and Applications Special issue on Wireless sensor networks:from theory to practices and applications 

Wireless sensor networks: from theory to practices and applications Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is characterized by the dense deployment of sensor nodes th...
《Journal of Control Theory and Applications》  2010年 第01期 下载次数(63)| 被引次数(0)

ZTE Sees Sizable Increases in Worldwide Patent Applications in 2009 and Tops China's Patent Application Ranking List 

ZTE Corporation has reported that the Patent Protection Association of China (PPAC) recently released patent application rankings for 2009 with ZTE,
《ZTE Communications》  2010年 第01期 下载次数(20)| 被引次数(0)

Relativistic Continuum Random Phase Approximation and Applications Ⅱ. Applications 

The fully consistent relativistic continuum random phase approximation (RCRPA) has been constructedin the momentum representation in the first part of this ...
《Communications in Theoretical Physics》  2010年 第04期 下载次数(9)| 被引次数(0)

Application Research of Robust LS-SVM Regression Model in Forecasting Patent Application Counts 

A forecasting system of patent application counts is studied in this paper. The optimization model proposed in the research is based on support vector machines ...
《Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology》  2009年 第04期 下载次数(65)| 被引次数(3)

GSTARS computer models and their applications, Part Ⅱ: Applications 

In part 1 of this two-paper series, a brief summary of the basic concepts and theories used in developing the Generalized Stream Tube model for Alluvial River S...
《International Journal of Sediment Research》  2008年 第04期 下载次数(26)| 被引次数(4)

Declaration of the 2~(nd) Meeting of the Committee on Clinical Application of Human Organ Transplantation of China and National Summit of Clinical Application and Management of Human Organ Transplantation 

We,medical practitioners of human organtransplantation, met in the 2~(nd)Meeting of the People sRepublic of China Ministry of Health Committee onClinical Ap...
《中华外科杂志》  2007年 第05期 下载次数(1)| 被引次数(1)

Call for Papers New Trends in Theory and Applications of Complex Control Systems Special Issue in Journal of Control Theory and Applications 

In recent years, modeling and control of complex systems, in particular complex nonlinear systems, have been one of the most active fields in the community o...
《Journal of Control Theory and Applications》  2006年 第02期 下载次数(24)| 被引次数(0)

Sillimanite, Kyanite and Andalusite in China and Their Applications Part II: Their Applications in Refractories to Improve Resistance to Creep and Thermal Shock 

As a second part under the title, this paper introduces the applications of sillimanite group minerals (SGM) in refractory products for hot blast stove, blast f...
《China's Refractories》  2005年 第02期 下载次数(44)| 被引次数(3)

Application of the Appraisal Activities of the Products,Techniques and Applications Projects of BIRTV 

Name of the ItemChinese‘EnglishTyPe of APPlieation口Audio Produetion and Broadeast口Video Produetion and Broadeast口Radio and Tele
《现代电视技术》  2004年 第S1期 下载次数(4)| 被引次数(0)