Application of Environment-controlled SPM in Material Science 

Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) can be used to nondestructively characterize the three dimensional structure of materials in the nanometer to 100 micron rang...
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Material Science and Technology 

Material is the base of the life and development of mankind.As a superscaled material production province,Shandong takes a very important role in the field o...
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Perspective on liquid metal enabled space science and technology 

With the rapid development of deep space exploration and commercial flight, a series of tough scientific and technological challenges were raised, which urgentl...
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Hydrogel: A Key Material for Life Science 

A hydrogel is a polymer network swollen with large amount of water.It is a solid on the macroscopic scale: having a definite shape and does not flow.At the s...
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Establishment and Research on Training Plan of Materials Science and Engineering which Adapted to the Social Demand-Kunming University of Science and Technology 

The progress and development of social civilization and economic will promote the advantage of materials science and engineering, while, it will put forward the...
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Global Partner Local Presence— Bayer Material Science Highlights Color Competence in China 

On April 18th,Bayer Material Science an-nounced the establishment of new facilities in China aimed at further strengthening its ability to provide highly-ta...
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General Laws of Contemporary Science Development and Our Countermeasures 

A general law of the development of science is from material science, information science to mental science, and from material science, life science to huma...
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Project Research on Material Science Using Short-Lived Nuclei and Radiations 

Objective and Participating Research Subjects The main objectives of this project research are the investigation of the local properties of materials using s...
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Teaching Practice and Reform for the Course Fundamentals of Material Science 

In this paper, some successful experiences obtained from the teaching practice and reform for the course Fundamentals of Material Science, a university-level qu...
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