Role and molecular mechanism of estrogen receptor-mediates lncRNA MALAT1 in malignant transformation of lung cells induced by organic extracts of PM_(2.5) 

Background Air pollution,especially fine particulate matter(PM_(2.5)),has been reported to be associated with respiratory diseases.Several potential mechanisms ...
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Aqueous and organic extracts of Trigonella foenum-graecum L.inhibit the mycelia growth of fungi 

Aqueous extracts from various plant parts of fenugreek(3%)(aerial parts:leaves and stems(LS),roots(R),ground seeds(GS)and not ground seeds(NGS))and petroleum et...
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Reproductive toxicity of organic extracts from petrochemical plant effluents discharged to the Yangtze River,China 

Water pollution of the Yangtze River in China became one of challenges that the government is facing today.Increasing numbers of petrochemical plants were built...
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The Study on the Mutagenicity of Organic Extracts from Fish Raised in Water Containing Effluent 

The Study on the Mutagenicity of Organic Extracts from Fish Raised in Water Containing Effluent
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In Vitro Genotoxicity of Non-volatility Organic Compounds from Surface Water Treated with Different Disinfectants 

The in vitro genotoxicity of non-volatility organic compounds ((NOCs) extracted from surface water treated with different disinfectants was compared in order...
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有机气溶胶分子组成很复杂,传统分析手段鉴别出的化合物仅占气溶胶有机物质量的一部分。一些大分子、难挥发、强极性的有机气溶胶分子组成、源解析及形成机理尚不明确。本论文基于傅立叶变换离子回旋共振质谱(FT-ICR MS)技术,结合溶剂萃取,固相萃取,高效液相色谱(HPLC)等分离技术,建立了FT-ICR MS分析气溶胶有机物...
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