A Reconsideration of English Teachers' Transition from Teaching General English to Academic English:Critique and Continuation of G.Campion's Report 

Teaching English for Academic Purposes(EAP) is a much-discussed topic in English education these days worldwide. Especially the latest three decades witness the...
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The Positive Impact of Original English Movies on Middle School Student's Oral English Teaching 

English movies have long been used in language teaching both at home and abroad,but they re mostly used in colleges and universities.So far few studies have bee...
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Expectations from Postgraduates of Non-English Major on English Improvement——A Survey to Assist in Course Design 

The number of postgraduates now studying at colleges and universities increased yearly in China in recent years.English,as the most often used language,is a ...
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English International isation and its Influence on English Teaching in China 

English has been spread widely all over the world,and at the same time,English language has become an international language.The intemationalisation of Engli...
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Reform of Public English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges—Taking Xingtai Polytechnic College’s public English teaching as an example 

In order to achieve the goal of training students, it is necessary to combine public English with specialized courses in higher vocational colleges. In this cas...
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A Study of English Acquisition as Second Language by Two English Major Students in China 

This paper aims at analyzing the acquisition English learning in case study. In the study, two students are asked to do some sound records. And the study concen...
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A Study on Internet-based Learning Community of English Majors——Based on the experimental research of English majors 

Learning community provides learners and teachers a new type to organize their learning and teaching. For English majors, it is feasible and applicable to form ...
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On Non-English Major Students' English Reading Teaching Directed by Discourse Analysis Theory 

Traditional English teaching has always been focused on English reading whose disadvantage is becoming more and more obvious in the improvement of modern Englis...
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Contrastive Analysis of the Elision of Schwa in English Utterances by Chinese and Uyghur Learners of English 

An acoustic study on the elision of schwa in English utterances produced by a native speaker of English, a Han Chinese learner of English, and a Uyghur learner ...
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English Movie and English Study 

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On English Rhythm Level of Nonnative English Learners 

Rhythm is one of the important elements of Prosody. Research shows rhythm plays a primary role in language acquisition and competent language use. But most ...
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The Importance of Teachers' Spoken English to Students' Spoken English 

The text was mainly concerned about the importance of teachers spoken English to students spoken English on the basis of researches conducted in September 20...
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A Review of Attitudinal Studies on English as A Lingua Franca 

With the use of English worldwide, English has undoubtedly become the most dominant lingua franca. This has had implications for English language teaching(ELT),...
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The Application of Newmark's Communicative Translation Theory and Semantic Translation Theory in English Subtitle Translation——Taking Harry Potter film series as an example 

With the continuous improvement of the world economic level, people set higher requirements for their life quality. Various forms of entertainments are emerging...
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