Application of self-care based on full-course individualized health education in patients with chronic heart failure and its influencing factors 

BACKGROUND The treatment of heart failure not only needs to relieve the clinical symptoms and improve the quality of life for patients but also needs to select ...
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The effect of empowerment education on depression level and laboratory indicators of patients treated with hemodialysis:a meta-analysis 

Objective:The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of empowerment education on depression level and laboratory indicators of patients treated with...
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To locate evidence regarding the effectiveness of nurse-based health education strategies in helping reduce cholesterol level of patients with coronary heart disease:A meta-analysis 

Background Coronary heart disease(CHD)has become the third leading cause of death among Chinese adults. It is acknowledged that cholesterol has a strong relatio...
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The relative value of education of emergency physicians in patient outcome: A retrospective analysis at a single center in developing India 

BACKGROUND: There is a considerable paucity with regards to the research available on the quality and quantity of clinical teaching in the national emergency de...
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Effect of a new health education model on continuous nursing in elderly patients with diabetes mellitus 

Objective: We aimed to explore the effect of a new health education model on continuous nursing care in elderly patients with diabetes mellitus who had undergon...
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Influence of mobile education on joint function and quality of life in patients after total hip arthroplasty 

Objective:To explore the influence of applying educational animated film as continuous post-discharge rehabilitation guidance for patients after total hip arthr...
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Education in cardiopulmonary resuscitation in Russia:A systematic review of the available evidence 

BACKGROUND: To summarise and appraise cumulative published scientific evidence relevant to cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) education in Russia.DATA RESOURCES...
《World Journal of Emergency Medicine》  2017年 第04期 下载次数(6)| 被引次数(2)

Simulation training in contemporary obstetrics education 

AIM: To investigate the use of the Gaumard s Noelle S550.100 Maternal and Neonatal Simulators for teaching forceps delivery.METHODS: Twenty two(n = 22) resident...
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International perspectives in PMR education and training 

Generalities Physiatry training differs markedly between countries. There is no universal agreed upon residency training curriculum, there is no uniformity ...
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Utilization of systemic planned health education in the rehabilitation of hypertension patients 

BACKGROUND:Accordingtomodernhealthopinion,pa-tients goodcompliancehascloserelationshipwithpatients healthfaithandknowledge.Sopr
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Nursing evaluation of arthrodynia in patients with osteoarthritis and self health care education 

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The rehabilitation effect of healthy education on the patients with laryngocarcinoma in whole care 

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Healthy education of diabetes admit ted into hospital 

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Rehabilitation education for patie nts with myocardial infarction on resumption of sexual activity 

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Application of Self-efficacy Theory Help to Improve the Outcomes of Health Education 

Health edueation is related to the ehanges of people’cognitive,attitude and behavior.The mainaim is to ehange peoPle’health status by knowl-edge
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