Study on The Identification System of Deteriorated Conditions for The Model of Cable-stayed Bridges Applying A Self-Organizing Feature Map 

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Fault diagnosis of rocket engine ground testing bed with self-organizing maps(SOMs) 

To solve the fault diagnosis problem of liquid propellant rocket engine ground testing bed,a fault diagnosis approach based on self-organizing map(SOM)is propos...
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Distinguishing volcanic lithology using Self-Organizing Map 

Self-Organizing Map is an unsupervised learning algorithm.It has the ability of self-organization,self-learning and side associative thinking.Based on the princ...
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Outlier Detection in Near Infra-Red Spectra with Self-Organizing Map 

A new method to detect multiple outliers in multivariate data is proposed. It is a combination of minimum subsets, resampling and self-organizing map (SOM) algo...
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Clustering is an important technique for analyzing gene expression data.The self-organizing map is one of the most useful clustering algorithms.However,its a...
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Intrusion Detection Method Based on Improved Growing Hierarchical Self-Organizing Map 

Considering that growing hierarchical self-organizing map(GHSOM) ignores the influence of individual component in sample vector analysis, and its accurate rate ...
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Morphological self-organizing feature map neural network with applications to automatic target recognition 

The rotation invariant feature of the target is obtained using the multi-direction feature extraction property of the steerable filter. Combining the morphol...
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