The features of band structures for woodpile three-dimensional photonic crystals with plasma and function dielectric constituents 

The features of the band structures of woodpile three-dimensional(3D) photonic crystals composed of plasma and function dielectric constituents, referred to as ...
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In response to a stimulus,a soft material deforms,and the deformation provides a function.We call such a material a soft active material (SAM).This review focus...
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Three-dimensional electric potential induced by a point singularity in a multilayered dielectric medium 

A simple and effective method is proposed to derive the three-dimensional electric potential induced by a point singularity of any type in an N-phase dielectric...
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Stability analysis of dielectric elastomer film actuator 

Dielectric elastomer (DE) is the most promising electroactive polymer material for smart actuators. When a piece of DE film is sandwiched between two compliant ...
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Ab Initio Calculation of Dielectric Function in Wurtzite GaN Based on Walter's Model 

The wavelength-dependent and frequency-dependent dielectric function of wurtzite-GaN is calculated totally from fundamental parameters such as the lattice const...
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采用基于密度泛函理论的第一性原理超软贋势平面波方法计算了Ca_2Ge的电子结构、各方向的介电函数和极化对各方向的介电函数的影响。研究结果表明:Ca_2Ge是带隙值Eg=0.483 e V的直接带隙半导体,价带主要由Ca 3d和Ge 4p电子贡献,价带中存在s-p-d和p-d两种轨道杂化,导带主要由Ca 3d电子贡献,不...
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Effects of electron temperature on dielectric function and localization of laser beams in underdense collisional plasma 

Effects of electron temperature on dielectric function and localization of laser beams in underdense collisional plasmas are investigated.Simulation results sho...
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Static Dielectric Function and Interaction Potential in Strong Coupling with AdS/CFT 

In this paper, we study the static dielectric function and interaction potential in strong coupling limit with AdS/CFT correspondence. The dielectric function i...
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Quantization of electromagnetic field in quadratic continuous nonlinear absorptive dielectrics 

This paper reports that in the quantization of electromagnetic field in the dielectrics, the wave equation with regard to the Green function is analytically sol...
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Calculation of Dielectric Function of a Quark-Gluon Plasma 

With the hard thermal loop (HTL) resummation technique,we calculate the dielectric function excited byhard gluon in quark-gluon plasma (QGP).We find that in...
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在明确介电函数定义及其虚部意义的基础上,比较分析函数ε′(ω)与复介电函数ε(ω)的不同,建议函数ε′(ω)不要称为 复介电函数 或 复电容率 ,以免与复介电函数ε(ω)混淆.
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