Complex bursting patterns in Van der Pol system with two slowly changing external forcing 

This paper investigates the generation of complex bursting patterns in Van der Pol system with two slowly changing external forcing.Complex bursting patterns...
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Changing Character of Moisture Recycling over Qinghai-Xizang Plateau under the global warming 

Under global warming,the trend and variability of precipitation and precipitable water(PW) over the Qinghai-Xizang(Tibet) Plateau(QXP)(1970-2009) have been chan...
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Conformational changing properties of hLSECtin-CRD after interaction with CD44 by EPRSDSL technology 

Electron paramagnetic resonance-site directed spin labeling(EPR-SDSL) technology is nowadays an interested technique for its specific usage in the analysis of c...
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Changing Lane Probability Estimating Model Based on Neural Network 

Changing lane is one of the methods to reach the destination faster and also could bring more highway traffic accidents. This study through the traffic feature ...
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A High-dynamic Null-widen GPS Anti-jamming Algorithm Based on Statistical Model of The Changing Interference DOA 

The directions of arrival(DOA) of interference changes rapidly with time in high-dynamic satellite navigation system, which leads to the mismatch between weight...
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Changing EPSC kinetics of ON-OFF direction selective ganglion cells during early postnatal development in the mouse retina 

Objective The kinetics of synaptic conductance are important in temporal precision of information processing in the neuronal network.Both the rising and fall...
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Economic transition and changing location of manufacturing industry in China: A study of the Yangtze River Delta 

With heightened economic transition and urbanization, a dramatic spatial restructuring of manufacturing industry has been taking place in China. Applying geogra...
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Therapeutic Effects of Radiation are CD8~+T Cell Dependent: Changing Strategies 

Cancer atients with distant metastasis frequently receive prolonged chemotherapy/fractionated radiotherapy (RT).The basis of these treatments is thought to h...
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OBJECTIVE To find out the changing in serum concentration of sex hormones after the treatment of epristeride and finasteride.Providing with reference for med...
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Changing epidemiology of viral respiratory infections in hospitalized children: the role of emerging viruses 

Respiratory viruses cause frequently acute infections of the lower respiratory tract (ALRI) in hospitalized children. These infections are frequent include l...
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Network changing leads to abnormal proliferation by disturbing p19 embryonic carcinoma cells differentiation 

Cell proliferation and differentiation are two basic behaviors of cells during development,tumorigenesis and many other processes.Lots of evidences show that...
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Synthesis and photovoltaic property of terpolymers containing benzodithiophene, phenanthrophenazine and benzothiadizole with a changing subtituents 

Three novel donor-acceptor(D-A) type random terpolymers of PBDTT-PPz BT-H, PBDTT-PPz BT-F and PBDTT-PPz BT-O were synthesized by copolymerizing electron-rich 5,...
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Athletics speed events include 100metre, 200metre 400metre,100metre hurdle, 110metre hurdle and 400metre hurdle. Moreover physical fitness must be manifested...
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