Changing the Economic Structure and the Mode of Economic Growth to Promote Further Develop-ment of Coal Industry(Excerpts) 

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Changing·Rising·Promoting 40th Anniversary Report on the Reform and Opening Up of China's Textile and Apparel Industry 

In 2018,China ushered in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.In the past 40 years,China’s land,which carries out the most courageous institutional ...
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探寻时尚与商业新模式 实战教学结新果——北服继续教育学院上演“CHANGING”毕业秀 

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Economic transition and changing location of manufacturing industry in China: A study of the Yangtze River Delta 

With heightened economic transition and urbanization, a dramatic spatial restructuring of manufacturing industry has been taking place in China. Applying geogra...
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Changing Agricultural Production Mode to Bring Opportunity for Chemicals 

The central government s No.1 Document in 2010 pointed out that it will increasespending in the agricultural sector.Someexperts said that it would mean Chi...
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Changing Energy Habits 

CLIMATE change is once again trending after the 22nd Conference of Parties(COP22)to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was successfull...
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Changes Promote Development 

The world is changing,the environment is changing,and the paper industry is also changing.Since Cai Lun of ancient China invented the papermaking technology,...
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The Mining-and-Selling Situation Of China's Rare Earth Industry Is Changing 

After being rectified for several consecutive years,China’s rare earth industry was recovered in 2017.At the same time,industria transformation and upgrading...
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Russia owns rare earths but mines little.That's changing 

Russia is a top gold producer,but its rare earth sector remeains underdeveloped.Russia could become one supplier of rare earths.The country accounts for less...
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A research on logo changing of Pepsi-Cola 

This paper aims to discuss how Pepsi-Cola logo changes overtime. It focuses on six important stages and analyzes the backgrounds in each time of the logo change...
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In the light of the changing world economy,competition for steel producers is becoming harder and thus efforts have to be made to improve the competitiveness...
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美国总统德怀特·艾森豪威尔,在1961年告别演说中第一次对 大型军事企业与大型武器工业的结合 表达了关注。随后,社会科学家发展了军事工业复合体的概念,并把其看作是国家与工业界既得利益集团的联盟。这种
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Changing Conditions of Supply and Demand in the Tungsten Concentrate Market 

In January 2004,when Jiangxi Tungsten Indus-try Group,one of the major tungsten producersin China,made a quote of RMB 25,500 yuanper ton,the actual domestic...
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Changing Patterns in Textile End-Use 

On the occasion of the 19th China International Manmade Fiber Conference in Tongxiang,Zhejiang province,I had the privilege of an invitation to deliver a spe...
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