The Ways to Improve Students’ Extensive Reading Ability 

Abstract: According to the New English Curriculum Criteria for junior school, apart from intensive reading, extensive reading i
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The Application of English Movies in Listening Teaching of College English 

Abstract: The application of English movies in college English teaching is one of the effective ways to raise students’ intere
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Active Studying and Passive Studying ——Developing the Junior Students’Ability of Active Studying 

With the traditional input teaching method in the middle school for quite a long time in China, the students’ attention is focu
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Brief Analysis of Problems Existed in Independent College English Teaching 

Abstract:This paper describes some of the problems in college English learning process,students learning and teachers teaching,
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开发区两“海归”入选国家千人计划 Two Returned Overseas Students of TEDA Enter National Talent Scheme 

时报讯(记者张亚男) 中组部近日公布了全国25名“千人计划”引进人才名单,天津开发区凯莱英生命科学技术(天津)有限公司洪浩和科宁(天津)医疗设备有限公司宁若拉成功入选2008年度“千人计划”,将享受中央财政给予入选“千人计划”人员每人100万元的补助。$
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A Comparative Analysis of Online Teaching versus Traditional Instruction on Students’ Performance:Blending Makes the Differences 

Abstract:As a teaching method,classroom teaching has unequivocally done a great deed for education and has been greatly improve
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