Socioeconomic Development In Sichuan 

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Participation in Socioeconomic Development 

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Evaluation of Impacts of Sea Level Rise on the Coast of Mohammedia(Morocco):Land at Risk of Flooding and Socioeconomic Impacts 

One of the significant consequences of the climate change predicted for the next decades is the sea and ocean level rise.The coastal zone of Mohammedia (Moro...
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The impact of socioeconomic status on growth during infancy versus puberty in a developing country 

Objective:To explore the relationship between socioeconomic status from one side and physical growth and nutritional status from the other side,in infants versu...
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Background and Purpose:Low socioeconomic status is associated with increased morbidity and mortality from stroke. The purpose of this study was to investigat e ...
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Air pollution is a serious problem brought by the rapid urbanization and economic development in China, imposing great challenges and threats to population heal...
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Objectives:Tumor stage,age,and cell type are well-characterized predictors for cervical cancer survival; socioeconomic factors may also play an important role. ...
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提出应用手机信令数据, 基于空间模式单元(Spatial Pattern Unit)进行人口动态分布估测和人口属性识别的方法技术, 并以北京为例, 开展实例研究。以手机信令数据为主, 结合大样本问卷调查数据和腾讯热力图数据, 对人口布局进行分时段估测, 分析人口分布的时空间动态特征; 采用大样本问卷调查数据, 以人口社...
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Aims: To investigate infant deaths in Cumbria, 1950-93, in relation to individual and community level socioeconomic status. Methods: Retrospective birth cohort ...
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Implementing the Universal Two-child Policy as soon as Possible Is a Win-win Policy for Both the Nation and People 

Based on present reality,objective existing demographic laws,and analysis on 2010 census and other recent data,we propose to start as soon as possible the prepa...
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Measurement and assessment of water resources carrying capacity in Henan Province, China 

As demands on limited water resources intensify, concerns are being raised about water resources carrying capacity(WRCC), which is defined as the maximum sustai...
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Major Demographic and Socioeconomic Indicators of China, 1990-1995 

IndieatorPoPulation at year一end(million) 人介了le 凡了脚ale 之力.ban Rural%ofurban PoPulationtototalPoPulationAgricultural PoPulation(m
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Prevalences and causes of vision impairment in elderly Chinese: a socioeconomic perspective of a comparative report nested in Jiangsu Eye Study 

AIM:To survey the prevalence and causes of visual impairment/blindness among elderly Chinese from different socioeconomic status in community-based design.METHO...
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