Experimental study of interband and intraband crosstalk in WDM networks 

The impacts of interband and intraband crosstalk are studied and compared experimentally. Results show that interband crosstalk can be removed with narrow-band ...
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Understanding the crosstalk between alternative splicing and signal transduction 

Signal transduction is an important mechanism for cells to respond to extracellular changes and maintain homeostasis.De-regulation of signal transduction pat...
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Research on High Power Inter-Channel Crosstalk Attack in Optical Networks 

While all-optical networks become more and more popular as the basis of the next generation Internet(NGI)infrastructure,such networks raise many critical securi...
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Ultra-low power anti-crosstalk collision avoidance light detection and ranging using chaotic pulse position modulation approach 

A novel concept of collision avoidance single-photon light detection and ranging(LIDAR) for vehicles has been demonstrated, in which chaotic pulse position modu...
《Chinese Physics B》  2016年 第07期 下载次数(24)| 被引次数(1)

Minimizing crosstalk for high-speed and high-density bus systems using the sample-decision method 

This paper presents a method based on a sample-decision(SD) circuit to suppress crosstalk and noise for a high-speed and high-density bus system.A method to cou...
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Tanshinone ⅡA Harmonizes the Crosstalk of Autophagy and Polarization in Macrophages to Attenuate Atherosclerosis 

Macrophages, which are essential constituents of atherosclerotic plaques, play a pivotal role in the process of destabilization.The diversity of macrophage phen...
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This part of IEC 60512 defines a test method which is intended to assess the near-end aliencrosstalk (ANEXT) and the far-end alien crosstalk (AFEXT) betwe...
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This part of IEC 60512 defines a test method which is intended to assess the near-end aliencrosstalk (ANEXT) and the far-end alien crosstalk (AFEXT) betwe...
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Electrical crosstalk-coupling measurement and analysis for digital closed loop fibre optic gyro 

The phase modulation and the closed-loop controller can generate electrical crosstalk-coupling in digital closedloop fibre optic gyro.Four electrical cross-coup...
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Bessel–Gauss photon beams with fractional order vortex propagation in weak non-Kolmogorov turbulence 

We model the effects of weak fluctuations on the probability densities and normalized powers of vortex models for the Bessel–Gauss photon beam with fractional t...
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