A Semiconductor Position Sensitive Detector Fabricated by Ion Implantation Technique 

A Semiconductor Position Sensitive Detector Fabricated by Ion Implantation Technique¥TanJilian;LiCunfanandBaoZhiqinAresistanc...
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This standard covers amplifier and preamplifier systems with linear pulse-shaping networks for use with semiconductor, scintillation, and proportional det...
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This document applies to semiconductor radiation detectors which are used for detection and high-resolution spectroscopy of charged particles. The measure...
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Such systems consist of a semiconductor radiation detector assembly and signal processing electronics interfaced to a pulse-height analyzer/computer. Test...
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核仪器 半导体带电粒子探测器 试验程序 

The intent of the tests described is to establish standard test procedures for semiconductor detectors in use for the detection and high-resolution spectr...
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Measurement and test procedures are established for wide-bandgap semiconductor detectors such as cadmium-telluride (CdTe) cadmium-zinc-telluride (CdZnTe),...
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Semiconductor Cold Trap 

In higher vacuum field, one of the main factors of affecting the degree of vacuum is the pollution of vacuum pump oil,which is mainly caused by the back-stre...
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Design and Fabrication of Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Detectors 

The potential of silicon carbide(SiC)for use in semiconductor nuclear radiation detectors has been recognized for years.SiC detectors have now been demonstra...
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本标准规定了半导体X射线能谱仪的主要测试方法,并对有关的术语作了说明。 本标准适用于由半导体探测器、前置放大器、放大器、脉冲幅度分析器、计算机组成的半导体X射线能谱仪。但是脉冲幅度分析器和计算机的测试方法不包括在本标准内。
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