Quantitative evaluation of space charge effects of laser-cooled three-dimensional ion system on a secular motion period scale 

In this paper,we introduce a method of quantitatively evaluating and controlling the space charge effect of a lasercooled three-dimensional(3 D) ion system in a...
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物理学咬文嚼字之三十九 Secular,equation 

Secular equation,既是别称characteristic equation的久期方程,又是指行星运动的长期均差.西文中本来浑然一体的概念,在汉语语境中却似乎不搭边.
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The secular variation of inner zone high energy proton environment in the SAA 

A long-term variation of the inner zone high-energy proton environment at low orbits was investigated by DSTM using the adiabatic approximation of charge partic...
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Measurement of the secular motion frequency and the space charge density in the linear ion trap 

This paper reports that a cloud of laser-cooled 40 Ca + is successfully trapped and manipulated in the home-built linear ion trap constructed for quantum inform...
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Trapping and laser cooling a single calcium ion 

We experimentally demonstrated trapping and laser cooling a single ion in a miniature Paul trap.Secular motion of the tapped ion was studied to determine the...
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Steady bipartite coherence induced by non-equilibrium environment 

We study the steady state of two coupled two-level atoms interacting with a non-equilibrium environment that consists of two heat baths at different temperature...
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Compensating for excess micromotion of ion crystals 

A new method of compensating for the excess micromotion along two directions in three-dimensional Coulomb crystals is reported in this paper; this method is bas...
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目的 确定含天然放射性物质的物料是否处于非长期平衡 ,以及衰变链中那些长寿命核素被分离或减少。方法 γ能谱测量中 ,长期平衡时天然放射系中各子体的活度浓度与母体相同 ,在非长期平衡时 ,各子体及母体的活度浓度各不相同。结果 处于长期平衡和非长期平衡的物料 ,在判断它们是否“放射性物质”时 ,所依据的核素种类及其豁免活度...
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