General Laws of Contemporary Science Development and Our Countermeasures 

A general law of the development of science is from material science, information science to mental science, and from material science, life science to huma...
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Materials informatics is a cross discipline combining materials science and information science. The concept of materials informatics was introduced and expound...
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MnHCF/MnO_2 Core-shell Nanostructures as Cathode Material for Supercapacitors with High Energy Density 

A nanocomposite of manganese dioxide coated manganese hexacyanoferrate was synthesized by a facile co-precipitation method and tested as active electrode materi...
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Thermally Conductive Nanocomposites based on Epoxy Modified with Nano-Sic and POSS 

OPAS/SiC/EP,SiC/EP,A151-SiC/EP composites were prepared and their impact properties,flexural properties,thermal conductivity and insulation,dielectric proper...
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New structural design of topological insulator:Spiral growth of two-dimensional layered material 

With the support by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China,Prof.Zeng Jie s laboratory at Hefei ...
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Abstracts of Papers from FOUNDRY Journal (Monthly, in Chinese) 

As an official transaction of Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (FICMES), FOUNDRY Journal (monthly, edited In Chinese) started publi...
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本科专业介绍高分子材料与工程(理工类)本专业培养具备高分子材料与工程等方面的知识,能在高分子材料的合成改性和加工成型等领域从事科学研究、技术开发、工艺和设备设计、生产及经营管理等方面工作的高级工程技术人才。高分子材料与工程专业2009年获批北京市特色专业。依托 轻工业塑料加工应用研究所 浓厚的行业背景,实现了人才...
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Global Partner Local Presence— Bayer Material Science Highlights Color Competence in China 

On April 18th,Bayer Material Science an-nounced the establishment of new facilities in China aimed at further strengthening its ability to provide highly-ta...
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Nuclear Planetology:Especially Concerning the Moon and Mars 

To approach basic scientific questions on the origin and evolution of planetary bodies such as planets, their satellites and asteroids, one needs data on their ...
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Bayer Material Science and Peking University Selects Winners of "Water Plan" Business Strategy Contest 

On October 21st, 2009 Teamingup with Peking University, BayerMaterial Science s Coatings andAdhesives Business Unit (CAS)announced the winners of the Water ...
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