Plasma Science Advancing Knowledge in the National Interest 

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Science & Technology and Modernization 

The paper first analyses the priority fields of science and technology in some countries and institutes,and find that five fields are paid for more attentions.A...
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Analysis of the Relationship Between the Science Research Laboratories and Science Education 

This article focuses on the relationship between the science research and the science education in the science research laboratories,combining the resource adva...
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2010年5月14日,Science杂志网络版刊登了国家重点实验室主任吴孔明研究员科研团队的研究论文 Mirid Bug Outbreaks in Multiple Crops Correlated with Wide-scale Adoptionof Bt Cotton in China ,这是该杂志继2008...
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Modernization Science:Principles of National Advance——The first book on the modernization science 

The Modernization Science:Principle of National Advance(He,2010)is the first book with the title of modernization science,published by Science Press in China...
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Exploration on the Reform of Biochemistry Experiments Teachingfor Food Science and Technology 

The biochemistry experiments of food science and technology was preliminarily reformedon teaching system, experimental contents, teaching methods and evaluation...
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The Recent Development of Terahertz Science and Technology 

As a modern scientific interdisciplinary frontier, Terahertz (THz) science and technology attracts much attention from the governments, researchers and industri...
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NST & NST Integration:Nuclear Science & Technique and Nano Science & Technique 

Nuclear science is considered as a big science and also the frontier in the 20th century, it developed many big scientific facilities and many technique plat...
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Surface Science and Adhesion Science:A Close Relationship? 

In spite of the extensive use of binding technology since several thousands of years, very little is known about solid adhesion. How things stick is not yet...
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The source, transferring process and transferring characteristic of knowledge are analyzed from the view of system science. The deficiency of SECI knowledge ...
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Genome-wide identification and analysis of MAPK and MAPKK gene families in Brachypodium distachyon 

Mitogen-activated protein kinase(MAPK) cascade,consisting of three Ser/Thr protein kinases,namely,MAPKKK,MAPKK and MAPK,is a universal module in signal trans...
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Research on Correlation between Science Popularization and Technological Progress based on Panel Data 

Under the new historical condition, strengthening the communication and popularization of science and technology is both the requirement to implement the nation...
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Thinking and Exploration of Science Education of the High School Students 

In this paper, for reflection and exploration of students science education, as well as the status of students science education and the significance. Explori...
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Subject of Award of Science & Technology for National in 2013 

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