Top Medical Schools Regarding Neuroscience in USA(Ranked in 2010) 

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Learner Motivation and Class Division──How to adopt effective measures for our English teaching in junior middle schools 

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Call for proposals for IUTAM Symposia and IUTAM Summer Schools 2020/2021 

The form for submitting proposals for IUTAM Symposia and IUTAM Summer Schools for the years 2020 and 2021 can be accessed via
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'Pop-Ed'in Middle Schools 

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Roots of Tomorrow's Digital Divide:Documenting Computer Use and Internet Access in China's Elementary Schools Today 

This paper explores China s digital divide,with a focus on differences in access to computers,learning software,and the Internet at school and at home among dif...
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An Approach to Modern Schools of Orthopedics and Traumatology of TCM 

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Restraint of Values Predicament on Development of Culture Schools in America 

It is obvious that the value of American culture has influence on social development. Its action and function values can effectively boot the formation of a new...
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The Return of All-Girls' Schools 

MORE than a year ago, a ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of the first senior high school for girls in Beijing since the Cultural Revolution—the Be...
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Schools' Flood Emergency Preparedness in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan 

Pakistan is highly exposed to climate-induced disasters, especially floods. Flooding history shows that educational establishments have been disproportionately ...
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New Thoughts of Context Construction of Schools of American Culture in Innovation Perspective 

The innovative thoughts of the context construction of schools of American culture mainly lie in integrating and optimizing the context construction elements of...
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Vice-President Hu Sishe Attends the Opening Ceremony of the 5th Beijing Cup International Schools Football Tournament 

The 5th Beijing Cup International Schools Football Tournament kicked off in Beijing on the morning of Aug 15.CPAFFC VicePresident Hu Sishe and Zhang Yanjun,a...
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Longman Schools戴尔国际少儿英语的华硕BU400初体验 

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Flowserve Builds Out Science and Innovation Laboratory and Computer Laboratory at Two Suzhou Schools 

On April 3rd,Flowserve Corp.(NYSE:FLS)announced the donation of a computer laboratory and science and innovation laboratory,and the launching of a partnersh...
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Major Schools of Chinese New Year Paintings 

During its peak period of popularity workshops producing New Year Paintings could be found across the nation.The wellknown production locations included Ya...
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“F1 in Schools”科技竞赛构建STEM教育新生态 

F1 in Schools (F1在学校世界科技挑战超级联赛)于2000年起源于英国,是全球参与国家最多且最著名的青少年综合科技创新竞赛项目,每年举办一次。 F1 in Schools 也是一项综合性的STEM活动,通过创造一个有趣且有意义的竞赛环境来帮助青少年综合运用科学、技术、工程、数学等学科知识,并在活动...
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