Sand production is a serious problem widely existing in oil/gas production.Most of the China offshore oilfield belongs to unconsolidated sandstone reservoir,in ...
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Two Alternating Processes of Particle Size Distribution of Barchan Dunes at the Edge of the Oasis in Hexi Corridor, Gansu 

Barchan dunes are a common type of dune. There are a lot of barchan dunes at accumulated sand-belts of the oasis edge of Hexi desert area of Gansu. What is char...
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长江河口细颗粒物质来源丰富、水动力作用活跃,近年来又受到三峡大坝等流域大型工程的影响,因此其水下三角洲沉积层序对自然过程(物源变化、潮汐水道地形调整、风暴潮事件等)和人类活动(航道疏浚等)的响应成为一个重要的科学问题。 本研究对覆盖长江口水下三角洲的31个站位的沉积物柱状样进行了粒度分析和210Pb测定。所获2...
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Grain size distribution at four developmental stages of crescent dunes in the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert,China 

Although scientists have performed many studies on crescent (barchan) dunes in the Taklimakan Desert,few studies reported the changes in grain size at different...
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The dust emission law in the wind erosion process on soil surface 

The dust emission models to date cannot describe the relation between the transport rate of different sized grains and their grain size composition in soil surf...
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Influence of desert sand on the mechanical properties of concrete subjected to impact loading 

A74-mm-diameter Split Hopkinson pressure bar was used to carry out the dynamic compression experiment of concrete made of desert sand.The dynamic failure proces...
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An experimental investigation on the effect of grain size on oil-well sand production 

Sand production in oil wells is closely related to the mechanical behavior and petrographical properties of sandstones reservoir. Grain size is one of the main ...
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Numerical evaluation of sample size effect on the stress-strain behavior of geotextile-reinforced sand 

This paper studies the effect of sample size on the stress-strain behavior and strength characteristics of geotextile reinforced sand using the finite element n...
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Experimental Study on the Expansion Behavior of Full Aggregate Steel Slag Concrete 

To improve the utilization rate of steel slag, this paper investigates the expansion behavior of Full Aggregate Steel Slag Concrete (FASSC). Orthogonal experime...
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Sand source and formation mechanism of riverine sand dunes: a case study in Xiangshui River, China 

Riverine sand dunes develop as a result of fluvial-aeolian interactions. The primarily barchan dune chains along the Xiangshui River(a branch of the Xar Moron R...
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Discrete particle simulation of mixed sand transport 

An Eulerian/Lagrangian numerical simulation is performed on mixed sand transport. Volume averaged Navier-Stokes equations are solved to calculate gas motion, an...
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