Recent progress in the toxicological research of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin and related compounds 

《中国药理学与毒理学杂志》  1997年 第02期 下载次数(12)| 被引次数(0)

Recent Research on Space Debris in China 

《Aerospace China》  1997年 第01期 下载次数(6)| 被引次数(0)

A Review of the Recent Advances in the Pestroleum Geology of China 

《China Oil & Gas》  1994年 第01期 下载次数(9)| 被引次数(0)

Recent Advances and Perspectives of Nucleic Acid Detection for Coronavirus 

The recent pneumonia outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus(SARS-CoV-2) in China, poses a great threat to global public health. Therefore, rapid and accurate id...
《Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis》  2020-03-10 16:23 下载次数(354)| 被引次数(0)

Review: Recent Development of High-Order-Spectral Method Combined with Computational Fluid Dynamics Method for Wave-Structure Interactions 

The present paper reviews the recent developments of a high-order-spectral method (HOS) and the combination with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method for w...
《Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology(New series…》  2020-03-26 14:13 下载次数(9)| 被引次数(0)

A Recent Invention 

Teacher:We ve talked about recent inventions.Now,David,namesomething that did not exist fifteen years ago.
《英语知识》  1999年 第04期 下载次数(18)| 被引次数(0)

Distinct neural circuits involved in recent and remote morphine cue memories 

Objective The pathologic associative memories that develop between drug-paired contextual cues and rewarding stimuli or the drug withdrawal-associated aversi...
中国神经科学学会第九届全国学术会议暨第五次会员代表大…  2011-07-29 下载次数(4)| 被引次数(0)

Nanodiamonds with powerful ability for drug delivery and biomedical applications: Recent updates on in vivo study and patents 

Nanodiamonds are novel nanosized carbon building blocks possessing varied fascinating mechanical,chemical, optical and biological properties, making them signif...
《Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis》  2020年 第01期 下载次数(6)| 被引次数(0)

Recent Trends in Industrial PGM Applications 

Despite the Global economic downturn and stagnation in the recent years PGM generally retain their positions in industrial applications, which is explained by t...
《贵金属》  2012年 第S1期 下载次数(16)| 被引次数(0)

The Rigid body of Paleo-continent in the crust of Taiwan and the recent plate movement 

《Acta Seismologica Sinica(English Edition)》  1994年 第S1期 下载次数(9)| 被引次数(0)

Recent Advances in telecommunication avalanche photodiodes with nano-sized multiplication region 

This paper reviews the recent advances in telecommunication avalanche photodiodes with nano-sized multiplication region. A new low noise avalanche photodiode ba...
国防光电子论坛第二届新型探测技术及其应用研讨会论文集  2015-07-22 下载次数(3)| 被引次数(0)

Recent progress in understanding the youngest radio galaxies-Compact Symmetric Objects 

We will summarize some latest progresses which help to have a better understanding of the youngest radio galaxies,also known as Compact Symmetric Objects.
中国天文学会2015年学术年会摘要集  2015-10-19 下载次数(4)| 被引次数(0)

Preface:Recent Developments in Semantic Web 

The World Wide Web (WWW) has revolutionized many aspects of society in the past two decades.Emerging applications of the World Wide Web have not only fostere...
《Tsinghua Science and Technology》  2010年 第06期 下载次数(45)| 被引次数(0)

Recent Developments in Chinese Culture and Language 

《外国语(上海外国语大学学报)》  1997年 第02期 下载次数(473)| 被引次数(19)


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《China Medical Abstracts(Internal Medicine)》  1995年 第03期 下载次数(5)| 被引次数(0)