Foundation pit dewatering optimization design based on GMW-2005 and LGR technique 

The slope instability and uneven settlement caused by the foundation pit dewatering pose a great threat to the project and surrounding environment.Thus,it is ne...
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Study on Deep Well Dewatering Optimization Design in Deep Foundation Pit and Engineering Application 

Based on analyses of the theories of groundwater unsteady flow in deep well dewatering in the deep foundation pit, Theis equations are chosen to calculate and a...
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Optimizing dewatering design for a metro station on the Chengdu Metro Line 7 

At present, most calculation results regarding foundation pit dewatering are ideal values, making construction resources prone to being wasted. In order to opti...
《Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering》  2019年 第02期 下载次数(2)| 被引次数()

Optimization of dewatering schemes for a deep foundation pit near the Yangtze River, China 

A deep foundation pit constructed for an underground transportation hub was excavated near the Yangtze River. Among the strata, there are two confined aquifers,...
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The Plant Vascular System: Evolution, Development and Functions 

The emergence of the tracheophyte-based vascular system of land plantshad major impacts on the evolution of terrestrial biology, in general,through its role in ...
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