Plasma Science Advancing Knowledge in the National Interest 

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A three-year field experiment was carried out to study the effects of green manure application on the soil microbial biomass carbon, nitrogen and soil enzyme ac...
中国烟草学会2015年度优秀论文汇编  2015-12-01 下载次数(18)| 被引次数(0)

CSFollow me:a context-aware SIP based follow me framework in heterogeneous wireless networks 

The advancement in wireless networking technologies and portable devices has motivated the explosive interest in application mobility in a heterogeneous wireles...
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Testing and Evaluation for Web Usability Based on Extended Markov Chain Model 

As the increasing popularity and complexity of Web applications and the emergence of their new characteristics, the testing and maintenance of large, comple...
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Responses of soil ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea to different application years of nitrogen fertilizer in mulberry field 

Nitrogen fertilizer has a different impact on the abundance and composition of soil ammonia-oxidizing bacteria(AOB) and ammonia-oxidizing archaea(AOA).This stud...
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The Influence of Different Amounts of Nitrogen Application on the Growth and Physiological Characteristics of Tobacco Seedlings 

This study investigated the influence of the application of different amounts of nitrogen on the growth and physiological characteristics of tobacco seedlings b...
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一、前言菲律宾政府于2013年1月22日递交一份外交照会给中国驻菲大使,援引《联合国海洋法公约》(以下简称 《公约》 )第287条及附件七的相关规定,启动了对中国的强制仲裁。1该外交照会涵盖一份通知与权利主张说明(以下简称 《仲裁声明》 ),2当中提到:本仲裁旨在寻求中菲就 西菲律宾海 (即南海)争端的和平与长久...
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Analysis and Design of Real-time and Reliable Industrial Wireless Control Communication Network and Protocol 

Wireless communication technologies can bring great benefits to industrial automation systems.But because of the high data losses and transmission errors caused...
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Papers by Author 

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Topology Optimization in Aircraft and Aerospace Structures Design 

Topology optimization has become an effective tool for least-weight and performance design, especially in aeronautics and aerospace engineering. The purpose of ...
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The Application Researches and Practice of GIS on Digital/Intelligent Oil Field 

Based on geography and surveying, GIS is one of the most effective tools of spatial data management, visualization, mapping, modeling, analysis, decision suppor...
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Using Middleware to Connect STK and RTI 

Currently, the simulation development faces the requirement of interconnection on applications. The middleware provides a way to deal with this problem, and imp...
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一、引言(一)化学是承上启下的中心科学在进入了21世纪的今天,人们在谈论科学的发展时指出, 这将是一个生命科学和信息科学的世纪 ,那么究竟 化学还有什么用呢? 。诚如诺贝尔化学奖获得者HWKroto在回答这个问题时所述, 正是因为21世纪是生命科学和信
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Application of Data Mining to Production Operation and Control System in Oil Field 

Introduces the basic concept of data mining technology and the commonly used methods of it, and describes the function of data mining technology and its applica...
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Orientl:A Strategy of Web Information Integration 

We propose the OrientI approach for effectively building flexible applications on information integration. The system presents a fully visual development en...
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