Improving Application Launch Performance on Solid State Drives 

Application launch performance is of great importance to system platform developers and vendors as it greatly affects the degree of users’ satisfaction.The sing...
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一般認爲,單一性規定和分案申請制度是一組配套的制度。《專利法實施細則》~1第42條第2款關於 不符合單一性規定的修改 似乎可以印证這一觀點。然而,仔細考察《專利法》及《專利法實施細則》有關規定後不難發現,分案申請制度和單一性規定是兩項彼此獨立的制度。分案申請除了可以爲不符合單一性規定的發明創造提供保護之外,還爲申...
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Collaborative software design in an SOA environment 

Based on the current Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), this paper pro- poses a new collaborative software design methodology in an SOA Environment: the Globa...
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Navy Droid: an efficient tool of energy inefficiency problem diagnosis for Android applications 

Energy inefficiency is an influential non-functional issue for smartphone applications, causing increased concerns from users. Locating these problems is labor-...
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On environment-driven software model for Internetware 

Internetware is envisioned as a general software paradigm for the application style of resources integration and sharing in the open, dynamic and uncertain plat...
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A Survey of Applications Research on Content-Centric Networking 

As a named data-based clean-slate future Internet architecture, Content-Centric Networking(CCN) uses entirely different protocols and communication patterns fro...
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Opportunities and challenges of smart mobile applications in transportation 

Smart mobile applications are software applications that are designed to run on smart phones,tablets,and other mobile electronic devices.In this era of rapid te...
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Automated Power Control for Virtualized Infrastructures 

Power control for virtualized environments has gained much attention recently. One of the major challenges is keeping underlying infrastructure in reasonably lo...
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