Effects of Low Protein Diets Supplemented with Amino Acids on Production Performance, Carcass Quality and Input-output Ratio of Pigs 

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Tin Production by Province or City in 2017 

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Magnesium Production by Province in 2017 

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Alumina Production by Province in 2017 

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Path to Support Development of Production and Operation of Big Grain Production Households——Based on Investigation of Heilongjiang Province 

Developing production and operation in scales in the major grain producing areas is the direction of the paper. Seizing the opportunity of modern agriculture co...
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Nickel Production by Province or City in 2017 

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Production of Active Compounds in Medicinal Plants:From Plant Tissue Culture to Biosynthesis 

Over past decades plant tissue culture has emerged as an alternative of whole plantcultivation in the production of valuable secondary metabolites. Adventitious...
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Modelling the impact of climate change on rangeland forage production using a generalized regression neural network: a case study in Isfahan Province, Central Iran 

Monitoring of rangeland forage production at specified spatial and temporal scales is necessary for grazing management and also for implementation of rehabilita...
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Production scheduling problems of steelmaking-continuous casting process in dynamic production environment 

A concept of production scenario for the steelmaking-continuous casting production process and the mathematical description of such concept were proposed.The pr...
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Optimization of the Production Organization Pattern in Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 

High-efficiency production organization should be simple and laminar . A one to one laminar flow operation mechanism is supposed to be accepted as a prerequi...
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Analysis of the System of Direct Subsidy for Grain Production in China 

This paper introduces the status quo of the system structure of direct subsidy for grain production in China,and analyses the function and essence of direct sub...
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Farm Production Growth in the Upper and Middle Parts of the Yellow River Basin,China,During 1980-1999 

The impact of inputs on farm production growth was evaluated by analyzing the economic data of the upper and middle parts of the Yellow River basin,China for...
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At the first sight it seems that advanced operation research is not used enough in continuous production systems as comparison with mass production,batch pro...
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Temperature effects on ethylene and methane production from temperate forest soils 

Change in temperature affects the activity of soil microorganisms.However,there is limited knowledge about temperature effects on ethylene(C2H4) and methane(CH4...
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Distribution characteristics of size-fractionated chlorophyll a, primary production and new production in the Laizhou Bay, July 1997 

The distributions of chlorophyll a concentration, primary production and new productionwere observed in the Laizhou Bay of the Bohai Sea in both spring and n...
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