Electronic structure,lattice dynamics and thermoelectric properties of PbTe from first-principles calculation 

In this paper the electronic structure and the lattice dynamics of PbTe were investigated by using the density functional theory and the thermoelectric prope...
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First-principles calculations of elastic and thermodynamic properties of Al,Mg and RE elements and Intermetallic compounds 

The elastic constants of the Al, Mg and rare earth (RE) elements and intermetallic compounds have been calculated at T=0 K by using the projector augmented-wave...
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Impact of environment gas element N on effective work function of Metal/Oxide stack:a first-principles study of the Pt/HfO_2 interface 

Modulating the effective work function(Φeff)of metal electrodes is both crucial and challenging in metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors.The introduction of ato...
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First-principles calculations of structural transition and elastic properties of Si4Ge4 alloy under high pressure 

An investigation on the structure stability and elastic properties of Si4Ge4under high pressure was conducted using first-principles calculations.All calculatio...
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Structure,stability,and vibrational properties of Nb_3N_3 cluster:first-principles calculations 

The structure,stability,and vibrational properties of Nb3N3cluster are studied with first-principles density functional theory calculations.
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The document specifies the laboratory measurement of the vibro-acoustic transfer properties of support and isolators respectively. The methods are suitable for ...
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Oxygen vacancies in ferroelectric perovskites and their regulation from first-principles study 

Oxygen vacancy(VO)is one of the common and mobile defects,which is believed to play an important role in the electrical properties of ferroelectric materials.In...
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First Principles Study of Rare-Gas Solids Under High Compression 

It is widely believed that all insulators will become metals under the application of sufficiently high pressure. For examples, Rare-gas solids, which exhibi...
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First Principles Study on the Doping of SnSe_2 Monolayer 

Doping is a important technique to modulate the properties of two-dimensional materials. In this work, by using first principles density functional calculations...
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Simulation of realistic spectra from first principles 

Spectroscopic techniques are nowadays the most advanced tools playing a prominent role in the experimental investigation of static and dynamic properties of all...
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Principles of Underwater Sound 

《Principles of Underwater Sound》(水声原理)的著者R obert J.U rick是美国水面武器中心总部的前高级研究物理学家。他的“水声原理”共出三版。①1967年出版第一版,书名为“Principles ofU nder
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