$80m credit pact to a Pakistan thermal power project signed 

Two agreements to provide guarantees and insurance for an $80-million export buyers credit to a Pakistani thermal power project were signed on August in Be...
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Satellite Launch Gets Insurance 

The People’s Insurance(Property)Co.(PICC Property)and the China Telecommunications Broad-cast Satellite Corp.(Chinasat)signed $220 million worth of contract...
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Property Insurer Leads HK IPO 

In an unexpected move,China s largest property insurer became the dark horsein a race among the nation s underwriters to land in the stock market,beatingothe...
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中保财产保险有限公司 上海市分公司敬贺 中海集装箱运输有限公司(中海船务代理有限公司)成立中远集装箱运输有限公司乔迁上海 

Brief Introduction The People s Insurance(Property) Company of China, Ltd., Shanghai Branch is the branch office of PICC Group,specializing in property insu...
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中国人民财产保险股份有限公司江苏省分公司是江苏辖内最大的财产保险公司,在全省设有分支机构 129个,营业网点1043个,从业人员6400多人。公司 2003年实现保费收入36.47亿元,同比增长8.77%总
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短期出口信用保险综合险简介 BRIEF INTRODUCTION to Comprehensive Short Term Expert Credit Insurance 短期出口信用保险综合险是中保财产保险有限公司(以下称本公司)受国家委托,为鼓励国内出口企业积极创汇而提供的一项政策性保险业务。
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