Yangliuqing New Year Painting 

The Tianjin Yangliuqing new year painting is one of China s most outstanding traditional wood-block paintings. The Tianjin Yangliuqing new year painting ori...
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Traditional Chinese Painting 

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Original abstract oil painting on canvasemotion 

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Story of Liaohe Painting Academy President Bai Guowen 

In Liaohe Cultural Industry Garden, located at No. 132, Xiangdao Road, in the Xinglongtai District of Panjin City, this writer visited Mr. Bai Guowen, who is...
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He Jingtao and His Painting 

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Qi Zilai's Chinese Painting 

Qi Zilai inherited the painting skills of her grandfather Qi Baishi, a giant of contemporary Chinese painting. She is the only woman of the third generation...
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Han Peichi's Flower and Bird Painting 

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Great Skill Engenders Bravery and Skill Grows with Bravery——Character and Painting of Mr.Ren Changjiu 

In the contemporary artistic circle,it is not rare for a person at the age of knowing his destiny to start learning painting and be a professional.It is also...
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Colouring pictures:the First Step to Learn Painting 

Many of the primary school students are interested in painting.However, few of them know how to learn painting.Many primary school students think that they c...
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A Comparative Analysis on the Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Painting and European Oil Painting 

Traditional Chinese painting and European oil painting are classic forms of art that could represent Chinese and western art respectively. To better appreciate ...
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Chen Jinpeng's Colored Ink Painting 

Chen Jinpeng is currently a council member of the Artists Association of Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. Born in Yanjin, Yunnan Province in 1957, he was taught fl...
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Misty Spring (Oil Painting) 

The painter captures the image and mood of a young woman of the Yi nationality herding sheep in the early spring To protectterself aganinst the cold and mist...
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The Aesthetic Study on the “Metaphor” in Chinese Painting 

Chinese painting emphasizes sensation overall,spiritual morality and cultural taste,and weakens the form,and it is also a metaphor of the ideals,sentiments,cult...
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Famous Painter Zhou Chunya “Painting the Same Subject” as a Rural Woman: Who Determine the Price of Artwork 

RMB 5 million and RMB 200 looks like an apparently simple and rude comparison,but it is also the fight for cultural authority in the social media era.A certa...
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