Story of Liaohe Painting Academy President Bai Guowen 

In Liaohe Cultural Industry Garden, located at No. 132, Xiangdao Road, in the Xinglongtai District of Panjin City, this writer visited Mr. Bai Guowen, who is...
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Qi Zilai's Chinese Painting 

Qi Zilai inherited the painting skills of her grandfather Qi Baishi, a giant of contemporary Chinese painting. She is the only woman of the third generation...
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Wu Jiantang:An Accomplished Artistin Twisted Painting 

Twisted painting is a unique genre of traditional Chinese painting invented by Wu Jiantang and his father. Known for vigorous and chaotic beauty, twisted pai...
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Resume of Guo Zuchang 

Guo Zuchang , MALE Born in December 1974, Chang De, Hunan Province Graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2007, received a master s degree The...
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Biographical notes of Bai Yuping 

July 3, 1960 Born in Shanxi 1986 Admitted to the College of Fine Arts of Central Academy of National Minorities 1993 Joined the Chinese Artists Association 1...
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Wang Lijun:An Interpreter of “the Ideal” in Figure Painting 

Wang Lijun,a young contemporary painter,and his style is influential in modern Chinese painting.He uses the concept of defamiliarization,drawing his figures ...
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清和雅赏 林容生山水画作品 

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Heavenly Mountain Portrayed in Chinese Ink Painting 

Man pursues elegance while painting highlights charms. An artist’s vitality lies in his continuation of traditions and breakthrough in innovative techniques....
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1966 Born in Tianjin,China 1988 Graduated from the Oil Painting Faculty,Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts,Tianjin,China 1995 Obtained Masters degree from the Oil ...
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Abstract Painting of Zhang Daqian 

Zhang Daqian is a master painter of Chinese traditional painting who enjoys worldwide reputation. He is also an artist with strong individuality and legendar...
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Warm Breeze 

Middle-aged female painter Wang Yingchun is a first-grade artist at the Research Instituteof Chinese Painting. With a solid foundation in: Chinese painting,...
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