The Study on the Mutagenicity of Organic Extracts from Fish Raised in Water Containing Effluent 

The Study on the Mutagenicity of Organic Extracts from Fish Raised in Water Containing Effluent
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Biodegradation of dissolved organic carbon in soil extracts and leachates from a temperate forest stand and its relationship to ultraviolet absorbance 

The amount and biodegradability of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in forest floors can contribute to carbon sequestration in soils and the release of CO 2-C fro...
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Mutagenicity in organic extracts of the dust derived from an aluminum electrolytic plant for Salmonella typhimurium 

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Reproductive toxicity of organic extracts from petrochemical plant effluents discharged to the Yangtze River,China 

Water pollution of the Yangtze River in China became one of challenges that the government is facing today.Increasing numbers of petrochemical plants were built...
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Competitive Complexation of Copper and Zinc by Sequentially Extracted Humic Substances from Manure Compost 

Chicken manure with similar content of copper and zinc was chosen to conduct a composting experiment to investigate the changes of organic carbon and humus subs...
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Coriandrum sativum grown under organic or chemical fertilizer effectively prevents DNA damage:Preliminary phytochemical screening, flavonoid content, ESI(-) FTICR MS, in vitro antioxidant and in vivo(mice bone marrow) antimutagenic activity against cycloph 

Objective:To evaluate the influence of fertilization and phenological stages on secondary metabolites production and chemoprotective effects of Coriandrum sativ...
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目的探究地表水中有机提取物对人B淋巴细胞DNA的损伤效应。方法于2010年6—8月,采集某江流域18个采样点水样并提取有机物。将处于对数生长期的人B淋巴母细胞悬液分别暴露于0(对照)、250、500、1 000 ml/ml水样有机提取物培养24 h;采用CCK-8活细胞计数试剂盒和彗星试验分别研究水样有机提取物对细胞存...
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