The simulation of the signal-to-noise ratio of the optical detector in passive rubidium frequency standards 

Vanier has pointed out that the signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) of the optical detector has a significant impact on the short-term stability of passive rubidium f...
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Study of signal-to-noise ratio driven by colored noise 

This paper investigates the signal-to-noise ratio(SNR)driven by colored noise and weak input signals.Based on the Cauchy-Schwarz and Rayleigh quotients inequali...
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Jammer Localization Approach Based on Crowdsourcing Carrier-to-Noise Density Power Ratio Fusion 

GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) jamming events become more and more rampant, involve larger and larger regions, and cause interruption of or threat aga...
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A Method for Monitoring GNSS Signal Power Changes Using Carrier-to-Noise Ratio 

Signal power level of GNSS satellites is key parameter for service performance. The relationship between navigation signal power and carrier-to-noise ratio(CNR)...
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Improved Satellite Selection Algorithm Based On Carrier-to-Noise Ratio and Geometric Dilution of Precision 

Based on the traditional fuzzy arithmetic and concerned about the influence of carrier-to-noise ratio (C/N0) to positioning accuracy, this paper proposes an imp...
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An innovative detection method of high frequency BPSK signal with low signal-to-noise ratio 

Based on chaotic oscillator system, this paper proposes a novel method on high frequency low signal-to-noise ratio BPSK(Binary Phase Shift Keying) signal detect...
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Provides a parameter definition and a test method for obtaining optical signal-to-noise (OSNR) using apparatus that measures the optical spectrum at a mul...
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Provides a parameter definition and a test method for obtaining optical signal-to-noise (OSNR) using apparatus that measures the optical spectrum at a mul...
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Signal Processing Techniques for LIDAR System 

LIDAR is an important technique for the measurement of range, velocity and vibration, as well as atmospheric parameters. In literature, direct detection, cohere...
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Provides a parameter definition and test method for obtaining optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) using apparatus that measure the optical spectrum...
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