Seismic Study of the Crust and Mantle Lithosphere in Cameroon,West Africa 

One of the main goals of seismology is to use seismic waves emanating from active and passive sources to make inferences about the properties and structure of t...
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Research on Key Technologies of High-precision Seismic Exploration in Liaohe Oilfield Land-water Transition Zone 

Land-water transition zone includes paralic zone and onshore transition zone (water network area). This paper studies the key technologies of high-precision sei...
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The Seismic Techniques for Exploring Marine Facies Stratigraphic Hydrocarbon Entrapped in the Middle Uplift of the South Yellow Sea 

The exploration of carbonate hydrocarbon entrapped at Mesozoic—Palaeozoic depositing at South Yellow Sea started lately and corresponding seismic explora...
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Arrival time measurements of first arrival phases P and PKIKP using the method of fixed scale wavelet transformation ratio 

The arrival times of first teleseismic phases are difficult to be measured precisely because of slowly and gradually changed onsets and weak amplitudes. The arr...
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