Mixed Noise Reduction Method Based on Fuzzy Morphological Filtering 

To remove mixed noises from the image, we studied the noise reduction performance of fuzzy morphological filter and introduce a new method to reduce noise. Firs...
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Improved H_2/H_∞ Controller Design for Polynomial Fuzzy Systems Based on Iterative Sum-of-Squares Optimization 

The problem of mixed H_2/H_∞ fuzzy state feedback controller design is investigated for polynomial fuzzy systems.First,a novel mixed H_2/H_∞ performance criteri...
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A Fixed Point Approach to the Fuzzy Stability of a Mixed Type Functional Equation 

Through the paper, a general solution of a mixed type functional equation in fuzzy Banach space is obtained and by using the fixed point method a generalized Hy...
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Mixed H_2/H_∞ Control Using a Fuzzy Singularly Perturbed Model with Multiple Perturbation Parameters for Gust Load Alleviation 

This paper presents a mixed H2/H∞ control using fuzzy singularly perturbed model (FSPM) with multiple perturbation parameters. Since FSPM with multiple perturba...
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Delay-Distribution-Dependent Synchronization of T-S Fuzzy Stochastic Complex Networks with mixed time delays 

The paper investigates the synchronization problem for a class of Takagi-Sugeno(T-S) fuzzy stochastic complex dynamical networks with mixed time delays.The mixe...
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在大多数应用中,数据集同时具有数值和分类这两种属性类型。因此研究混合属性数据的聚类问题是目前的一个热点。本文主要对这个热点问题进行研究: 1.提出了一种新的加权聚类算法IWKM。在真实数据集上的实验结果表明,算法IWKM的聚类准确率要高于传统的聚类算法。 2.提出了一个加权模糊K-prototypes算...
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