The second large hydropower station on Lancang River dammed successfully 

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Feasibility study report on Jinghong Hydropower Station in Yunnan Province completed 

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Yanghu Hydropower Station successful in first trial 

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Jin'anqiao Hydropower Station started operation 

On March 27,2011,Jin anqiao Hydropower Station on Jinsha River with a total installed capacity of 2.4 GW was formally connected to the grid to generate elect...
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Baihetan Hydropower Station approved 

The Baihetan Hydropower Station on the Jinsha River, an upstream branch ofthe Yangtze River, has been approved by the National
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Longtan Hydropower Station-A Large station with the most favourable conditions to construct on the H 

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Intelligent Networked (N+M) Fault Tolerant Systems for Hydropower Station 

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Laxiwa hydropower project initiated——The biggest hydropower station on the Yellow River 

Laxiwa Hydropower Station,the largest hydropower project on the Yellow River Valley,started construction on April15.The project
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Three Gorges Hydropower Station sends electricity straight to Shanghai 

A 500-kV DC transmission project of Three Gorges Hydropower Station was successfully commissioned on October 5 this year. In the course of ten-hour debugging...
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Tianshengqiao I Hydropower Station─The first scale hydropower station using co 

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The First Unit in Ertan Hydropower Station under Installation 

The Ertan Hydropower Station, consisting of six 550 MW turbo-generator units with a total capacity of 3300 MW, has started its first unit installation recen...
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Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation onDam-body Sand Flushing System for Hydropower Station 

According to the conventional layout,most sand basins are set in the front of hydropower station hub.Due to the limitations of topography and geological conditi...
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