Be honest 

As is known to all,it pays to be honest.In our lives,being honest should always be with us. Honesty is believed to be a good virtue,all of us must be honest....
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Being An Honest Girl 

Last summer holiday, I went to the International English summer camp in Shanghai. On 24th July, my two good friends and I were on duty. When we finished clea...
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Being An Honest Girl 

Last summer holiday,I went to the International English summer camp in Shanghai. On 24th July,my two good friends and I were on duty.When we finished cleanin...
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An Honest Wife 

A man, named Harry, who is driving the car is stopping by a police officer. The following conversation takes place... The man says, What s of the problem,...
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An Honest Boy 

Jim is an honest(诚实的) boy. He is fifteen years old. His parents died three years ago and he had to make a living by himself. One day, when he was walking in...
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The importance of being honest 

In the busy city of New York, such an astonishing thing happened. On a Friday night, a poor young artist stood at the gate of the subway station, playing his...
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An Honest Man 

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Being honest 

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On Honesty 

Honesty is a basic human quality. It is the truthfulness to others and to yourself. As one of the most important moral standard, it is also the most difficul...
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Wealth and Happiness 

Some people think wealth can bring happiness to them.It is true that most of them try to acquire wealth by means of honest labor.They work hard and overcome ...
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