Globalization, Gender Equality and Harmonious Development——An Analysis from gender perspective 

Intending to promote the globe to a whole new interdependent and interrelated world, Globalization acts as an irreversible process to facilitate integration and...
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Basic and Applied Psychology Contribute to a Harmonious Society 

The paper reviews the role of psychology in contemporary societies for addressing the needs of societies. Most of these needs are present in most countries,m...
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The turn of the century has witnessed a series of crises situations such as Desert Storm,911, Chicken Flue,SARS,Mad Cow Diseases,Tsunami,Katrina,World Econom...
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Sports Teaching's Reflection on Harmonious Personality and the Construction 

In the modern era, personality problem has become increasingly prominent and sharp, Personality problem could be described as a grim reality. One of the most im...
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It is the aim of teaching reform as neu as the require of making harmonious society to malee harmonious clss。This article relates the contents and trait of harm...
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The Research on Transformation of Government Sports Function In Building Harmonious Society In West China 

Objective: Building Harmonious Society is put forward as a great assignment to the whole country during the construction of socialism with Chinese characteri...
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On the Establishment of a Harmonious Relationship between Teachers and Students 

Harmony is the theme of our era in China. The meaning of harmonious is the harmony of every part of the whole society. University, as a component of society, pl...
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The construction of a Harmonious Society (和谐社会) is the current and dominant socio-economic and foreign policy ideology serving as the guiding direction of the C...
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The present thesis,based on the general knowledge and criteria reflecting culturally-rooted concept of Harmonious Society ,is to make an in-depth excavation...
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Establishing the Harmonious Traffic in Beijing-Tianjin-Langfang Cities 

This article mainly discusses the significant meaning of establishing harmonious urban traffic for constructing a harmonious society,the basic connotation of...
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On The Promotion of Prosperity and Harmony in East Asia 

This paper examines approaches for promoting prosperity and harmony in East Asia,and emphasizes that,while economic development may be necessary for prosperity ...
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增强心理学服务社会的意识和功能——中国心理学会成立90…  2011-10-21 下载次数(86)| 被引次数(0)