Harmonious growth in the chemical industry 

The Chemicals industry is the industry of industries as growth in many industries are dependent on the contin-ued innovation and harmonious growth of the chem...
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Optimization of harmonious development on regional energy-economy-atmospheric environment system 

《Journal of Environmental Sciences》  1996年 第04期 下载次数(18)| 被引次数(0)

Implement Sustainable Development Strategy and Promote Harmonious Society Construction 

From November 8 to November 9,2006, Chinese Society for Sustainable Development held annual academic conference Implement Sustainable Development and Promot...
《Chinese Journal of Population,Resources and Environm…》  2006年 第04期 下载次数(21)| 被引次数(0)

Synchronizability Analysis of Harmonious Unification Hybrid Preferential Model 

The harmonious unification hybrid preferential model uses the dr ratio to adjust the proportion of deterministic preferential attachment and random preferent...
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Theoretical Reflections on Building a Harmonious World 

Since President Hu Jintao formally put forward the idea of building a harmonious world for the first time at the summit meeting commemorating the 60th an...
《China International Studies》  2007年 第01期 下载次数(66)| 被引次数(1)

Harmonious Unifying Hybrid Preferential Supernetwork Model 

The basic concepts and methods for harmonious unifying hybrid preferential model(HUHPM)are based on random preferential attachment(RPA)mixed with determinist...
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Wisdom and Wealth Go First in a Harmonious Society——The Announcement of“2007 China Top Ten Wealthy and Intelligent People” 

In order to implement the strat- egy strengthening country on talent ,and to form an good en- vironment of respecting knowledge, talent,and fortune,in 2007 D...
《China's Foreign Trade》  2008年 第Z1期 下载次数(16)| 被引次数(0)

Olympus's Share in Building a Harmonious Society 

In February,Olympus (Beijing) Sales & Services Co. Ltd. (OCM) was awarded the Excellent Working Unit in Promoting the Building of a Harmonious Society by t...
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Decision-making Principles and Evaluation Frame of Harmonious Fiscal Policy 

Harmonious fiscal policy is the inner requirement for constructing harmonious society and is an important means of realizing such society. The harmonious fiscal...
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Polical construction is the cornerstone of constructing a harmonious society 

The paper basis harmonious society s content,has analyzed in the construction harmonious and stable society,how to strengthen polical construction and its impor...
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Empirical Analysis on Harmonious Development of Economy in Niyang River Basin under Environmental Constraint 

[Objective] The study aimed to analyze the harmonious development of economy in Niyang River basin under environmental constraint.[Method] According to the prin...
《Meteorological and Environmental Research》  2012年 第06期 下载次数(24)| 被引次数(1)

Harmony between man and nature:the base for the harmonious society 

The harmony between man and nature is the base for the harmonious society. It is determined by the eco-ruleand eco-economic rule. Human being should not violate...
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