Accuracy is Everything 

When Pastor Ovall picked up the phone,Special Agent Struzik from the IRS was on the line.“Hello,Pastor Ovall?”“Yes,this is.”“I m calling to inquire about a ...
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How Is Everything Going? 

My brother and I are in the same school now.We have classes from Monday to Friday.On Saturday and Sunday,we don’t have any classes.I live in the countryside....
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Sharing everything 

A young man saw an elderly couple sitting down to lunch at McDonald’s. He noticed that they had ordered one meal, and an extra drink
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Everything Is Possible 

Everything is possible,I think.If I have a dream,I won t give up.I know as long as I try my best to achieve it,I will succeed one day,no matter how hard it i...
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Money Is Not Everything 

Today more and more people want to get more money. Many people think if they have a lot of money, they can buy whatever they wa
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Everything Will Go Well 

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How is everything 

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Tom:My father and I Know everything in the world.John:Then,tell me where Asia is?汤姆:我和爸爸天下的事没有不知道的。约翰:那么,告诉我亚洲在哪儿?汤姆:哦,那是我爸爸知道的问题。什么都知道(幽默英语小故事)
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we know everything 

译文:一天,吉姆问彼得 :哪座山是世界上最高的山? 喜马拉雅山。 彼得回答。 哇,你知道的真多啊! 吉姆说。 哈哈,我和我爸爸知道这世界上的所有事情。 彼得说。 那么,‘五月花号’是什么?你知道吗? 吉姆问道。彼得想了一会儿,说 :那是我爸爸知道的问题。
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本刊9/2017期115页倒5行,san everything应为sans everything。此为原稿有误,作者罗益民老师特来函勘误,以免读者以讹传讹。本刊11/2017期84页中文[1]段第4行, 珍惜 改为 珍稀 。感谢吴文安老师提醒。本刊11/2017期85页中文[3]段倒5行, 陶宝 改为 淘宝 。
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A man went to a doctor and said, Doctor,I have a very serious problem.I only hear halfof everything. That can’t be, answered the doctor. Ei-ther you can hea...
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In a city there once lived a woman who kneweverything.Her name was Mrs.Ford.Shewas the wife of Ford,a banker.When any of her friends talked to her aboutanyt...
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10 Funniest English Idioms 

①The Lights Are On,But Nobody s Home about a stupid person②When Pigs Fly about something that will never happen③To Have Van Gogh s Ear For Music to be tone d...
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