I like English very much.It’s interesting.I like singing English songs.I like playing games at English classes.I like watching English cartoons.
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单词English作 英语 解时为名词,前面不用冠词。例如:Do you speak English?你说英语吗?How do you say it in English?它用英语怎么说?但是,在下列句子里English前却又有冠词:-What,s the English word for 饺子 ? 饺子 英语...
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澳大利亚P. B. English教授来陕讲学 

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Contrast British English with American English on Pronunciation 

Just like other languages,there aremany dialects and varieties inEnglish.Among them British English andAmerican English are the majorand more effective styl...
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The Influence of the Globalisation of English On English Used in China 

World English , also known as Global English which has been attracting wide ranged attention by scholars worldwide, is a relatively new way to understand the s...
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English "DOG" and Chinese "GOU":Comparison on English and Chinese Cultural Connotations in Terms of Animal Words 

Connotations refer to the additional meanings that a word or phrase has beyond its central meaning.These meanings show people s attitudes or feelings toward wha...
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On Some Total Chromatic Number ofOuterplanar Graphs with Δ(G) = 6(English) 

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British English and American English 

A student is studying British English.He wants to know:Can I have atalk with Americans? Can they catch me? Learners of English often ask-what are the differ...
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English”研究(之二):British English、England、English 

English 一词既可以表示:英格兰(人)的;英国(人)的;英语的,也可以表示名词 英语 。在此从三个方面论述 English 与British English(不列颠英语)、England(英格兰)、English(英格兰人)的渊源与关系。
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Why do Non-native Teachers of English Find it Difficult to Accept the Communicative Approach 

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How Do I Learn English Well? 

English is very important. It’s widely used in the world. Do you know how I learn English well? Let me tell you. I study English by listening to tapes. I stu...
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Linguistic Characteristics of China English and Its effect on English Teaching 

China English is a standard variant of English and has Chinese characteristics,when used appropriately,it can play a unique role in expressing things with Chine...
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A Discussion on the Role of First Language (Chinese) Positive Transfer in Second Language (English) Lexical Acquisition and Related Pedagogical Suggestions 

Language transfer is one of the central questions in second language acquisition (SLA) study. It claims that learners the native language (NL) or first languag...
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