Can material asset reorganizations affect acquirers' debt financing costs?——Evidence from the Chinese Merger and Acquisition Market 

In this paper, we investigate whether material asset reorganizations(MARs), a special form of merger and acquisition(M&A) transactions, can affect the acquirers...
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The Sri Lankan economy has achieved remarkable growth ever since the end of civil war, but it has been perplexed by mounting external debt, which is deeply root...
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Manager's Characteristics, Debt Financing and Firm Value 

Based on the behavioral finance theory and the upper echelons theory, this paper employs the data of China s A-share listed companies from 2008 to 2013 as resea...
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Risk Analysis on the Developed Economies' Sovereign Debt Crisis 

As an impact of International Financial Crisis,the Greek sovereign debt crisis suddenly turned up.Some European countries debt crisis got further unveiled.Th...
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Disclosure of government financial information and the cost of local government's debt financing——Empirical evidence from provincial investment bonds for urban construction 

China s slowing economic growth and rapid urbanization have made local government debt financing a significant issue.This study uses a sample of China s provinc...
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Debt Levels Under Control 

China’s mounting debt won’t lead to a crisis,but corporate debt needs addressingRising debt levels are prompting concerns over a possible debt crisis, with s...
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Sino-European Relations in Debt Crisis 

Sovereign debt problems exist not only in European countries. Most advanced countries are troubled with a debt burden. There has been a lot of discussion about ...
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The State Council has issued a circular pro-hibiting State-owned and collective enterprisesfrom avoiding their debts when their operatingmechanisms are refo...
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In Debt 

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On the US Debt Crisis and Its Possible Solutions 

Following the eruption of European debt crisis in the wake of the financial crisis,a new debt crisis began to ferment on the US soils.On May 16th,with US deb...
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US Owes Moral Debt to Centenary Games 

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Pro-Growth Policies Won't Induce a Debt Crisis 

Some have expressed concern that the domestic debt level may rise as a consequence of policies aimed at stabilizing economic growth. Such concern seems reaso...
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Putting Sri Lanka's Debt Issue into Perspective 

By reviewing the current situation of Sri Lanka s debt problem,as well as its nature, causes and relation with Chinese loans, this article argues that the loans...
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在债券平均到期期限的基础上 ,提出现金流的弹性概念 ,并据此探讨了项目融资结构中负债期限结构问题 .研究结果表明 ,在项目融资结构中 ,负债期限结构与负债容量密切相关 .项目负债比率低 ,应倾向于长期负债 ;相反 ,应倾向于短期负债
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