Properly Understanding Supply–side Structural Reform in the Cultural Sector 

The proposal of supply–side structural reform in the cultural sector is based on theoretical inspiration from the economic sector and actual issues in the cultu...
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Cultivation of Cultural Subjectivity from the Perspective of Cultural Self-Confidence 

Economic and cultural globalization has strong impacts on the culture of each country. How to maintain the integrity of the local culture in the course of globa...
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Rural Elite Flow and Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Social Transformation Period 

Under the violent impact of the social transformation period,traditional cultural heritage faces a great crisis of protection,inheritance and development.In the...
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Introducing Urban Cultural Heritage Management into Urban Planning Management 

1. Concept comparison of urban cultural heritage management and urban planning management 1.1 Urban cultural heritage managementUrban cultural heritage manag...
《China City Planning Review》  2008年 第02期 下载次数(471)| 被引次数(5)

A Comparative Analysis of “Cultural” Differences between China and the West 

Mastering the differences between Chinese and Western cultures plays a very important role in crosscultural communication and avoiding communication mistakes. W...
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For Peace and Friendship -Get-together with the Japanese Okinawa Delegation for Cultural Exchanges in Beijing 

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The Protection and Inheritance of Historical Architecture and Cultural Heritage——The Cognitive Bias and Participation of Shanghai Citizen and Promotion Strategy 

The historical architecture and cultural heritage is basic embodiments of the cultural representation, cultural character and cultural spirit of a city. Based o...
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为了中国文化旅游市场的健康稳定发展,本文基于对国内外文化产业监管的分析,对来自上海、浙江、江苏、四川、贵州、甘肃、湖北、湖南和河北的1 500多名调研对象进行了市场调研和深度访谈,为政府文化机构能够做出正确的文化监管决策提供科学的基础。本文运用独立样本T检验来评估相关数据,发现东西方的调研对象在感知程度上有明显不同。总...
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Spatial Distribution Patterns of Cultural Facilities in Shenzhen Based on GIS and Big Data 

As the city s soft power, culture is the basic core of urban competitiveness. The spatial concentration of cultural facilities can show the development status o...
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Study on the Formation and Construction of the Cultural Empathy in the Cross-cultural Communication 

The development of globalization has promoted different regions to be closely linked and the boundaries between different cultural cycles to be gradually broken...
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Cultural Identity and Cultural Cognition Analysis under Diaspora Circumstances——With Interpreter of Maladies' as an Example 

In recent years, cultural studies have increasingly become a new trend in the theoretical research of literature, and the research regarding ‘cultural identity ...
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Cultural Industries Bloom 

More capital flows to cultural industries The market scale of China s cultural industries reached around 800 billion yuan ($118 billion) in 2009,
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