Lagrangian Bonnet Problems in Complex Space Forms 

In this note we consider Lagrangian Bonnet problem for Lagrangian surfaces in complex space forms. We first give a Bonnet type theorem for conformal Lagrangian ...
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Complex Semblance and Its Application 

Semblance, a measure of multi-trace coherence, has been used extensively in seismic data processing and interpretation such as velocity analysis and fault detec...
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Experimental characterization of the 3D linear viscoelastic behavior of cold recycled bitumen emulsion mixtures 

Cold mixtures with bitumen emulsion are produced at ambient temperature, leading to substantial reductions of energy consumption and atmospheric emissions. In c...
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RC-positivity and rigidity of harmonic maps into Riemannian manifolds Dedicated to Professor Lo Yang on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday 

In this paper, we show that every harmonic map from a compact K?hler manifold with uniformly RC-positive curvature to a Riemannian manifold with non-positive co...
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Exercise,cognitive function, and the brain:Advancing our understanding of complex relationships 

In recent years,scientists have shown a growing interest in the relationship between exercise,cognitive function,and the brain.The growing body of evidence s...
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Explosive synchronization of multi-layer frequency-weighted coupled complex systems 

Synchronization is a phenomenon that is ubiquitous in engineering and natural ecosystems.The study of explosive synchronization on a single-layer network gives ...
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Effects of Mg~(2+) on the binding of the CREB/CRE complex:Full-atom molecular dynamics simulations 

Metal ions play critical roles in the interaction between deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA) and protein.The experimental research has demonstrated that the Mg~(2+) ion...
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Local Shear Stresses Elicit Different Mechanical Response and Gene Expression from Complex Stresses 

It is well established that living cells and tissues respond to mechanical forces such as flow-related shear stresses in blood or interstitial space and complex...
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Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Kindlin F3 Domain with Integrin β3-tail 

Integrin activation,the transition from a low to a high affinity state,regulates the numerous cellular responses consequent to integrin engagement by extracellu...
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Biphasic Force-Dependent CD40 L-CD40 Interaction 

CD40 receptor and its ligand CD40 L are the members of TNFR and TNF family,respectively.CD40 is expressed on antigen-presenting cells(APC)as a monomer,and would...
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目的 探讨Complex弹簧圈作为成篮圈栓塞颅内分叶状动脉瘤的治疗效果。方法 回顾性分析2017年4月至2018年4月重庆医科大学附属第一医院神经外科使用Complex弹簧圈作为成篮圈进行分叶状动脉瘤栓塞的34例患者资料,并对术中脑血管造影和随访结果进行探讨。结果 依据Raymond分级标准,术中动脉瘤闭塞情况:Ray...
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