Spin transport properties and spin logic gates in manganese phthalocyanine-based molecular combinational circuits 

Spintronic devices are very important for futuristic information technology.By using nonequilibrium Green’s functions in combination with density functional ...
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A Novel Method for Power Analysis Based on Combinational Logic in Block Cipher Circuit 

In this paper, we propose a method that builds power model template according to input transitions of combinatorial logic circuit. By computing its correlation ...
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Using Combinational Logic Function to Watermark IP Based on FPGA 

In the field of digital circuit design, the extensive applications of reusable intellectual property (IP) simplify the design procedure based on very large scal...
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Optimization design of a full asynchronous pipeline circuit based on null convention logic 

This paper proposes a new optimization method to improve the performance of a null convention logic asynchronous pipeline.Parallel combinational logic modules i...
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DNA computing for combinational logic 

With the progressive scale-down of semiconductor s feature size, people are looking forward to More Moore and More than Moore. In order to o?er a possible alter...
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A Combinational Power Analysis Method against Cryptographic Hardware 

Power analysis is a non-invasive attack against cryptographic hardware,which effectively exploits runtime power consumption characteristics of circuits.This pap...
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Enhanced Side-Channel Leakage Detection Method by Considering Combinational Logic 

In this paper,we propose a hybrid power model that includes the power consumption of not only the registers but also part of the combinational logic.By doing kn...
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PIPBQ Effect Aware SER Analysis for Combinational Logic Circuits 

Technology scaling results in the propagation-induced pulse broadening and quenching(PIPBQ) effect become more noticeable.In order to effectively evaluate the s...
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Virtual reconfigurable architecture for evolving combinational logic circuits 

A virtual reconfigurable architecture(VRA)-based evolvable hardware is proposed for automatic synthesis of combinational logic circuits at gate-level.The propos...
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An Improved GA for Combinational Logic Expressions 

This paper discusses complete binary trees as chromosomes of Genetic Algorithm (GA), andproposes the concept or dominant and recessive genes. On the base or it,...
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