Changing Global Security and China's Response 

The book Changing Global Security and China s Response, which will be published by World Affairs Press in May 2013, is a selection of papers presented at the...
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A Changing India and Its Trend 

The political situation in India marked a dramatic turn.TheBharatiya Janata Party that was universally expected to winfailed in
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Changing China 

Who was it that effected social change? None other than the people within Chinese society. Who now reflect social change? Again, the people in society who br...
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China's Changing Strategies and Motivations in the Middle East:The Cases of Israel and Syria 

This paper explores the way China s Middle East policy and strategies are changing,using the cases of Israel and Syria.The paper examines what strategies are ch...
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Silver Lining in Changing International Situation——An overall review of international situation in 2003 

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鲁政字[2019]131号济宁、临沂、济南市人民政府:《济宁市人民政府关于将 山东任城经济开发区 更名为 济宁运河经济开发区 的请示》(济政呈[2018]54号)、《临沂市人民政府关于将苍山经济开发区更名为兰陵经济开发区的请示》(临政报[2019]11号)和《济南市人民政府关于山东莱芜钢城经济开发区和莱城工业园区
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A Changing Society 

Ifirst visited China in 1973. I was a serving member of the Royal Australian Navy and we were engaged in the Viet Nam War.Communism was the deadly enemy of t...
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Changing and Unchanging Elements in the Global Order and China's Strategy 

We live in a world which changing in all respects. Some aspects of the global order are obviously changing. Some of these changes are not yet complete as the...
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Changing the World,One City at a Time 

In this series,Beijing Review will profile several sister city relationships between the United States and China.Washington,D.C.-based Sister Cities Intern...
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Holding on to History in Changing Times 

Development is always a di cult process,and over-all the past 30 years are a period Chinese people can truly be proud of.
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The Shift in the Malaysian Politics and Our Changing Narrative 

Good morning,ladies and gentlemen,On behalf of the Asian Strategy&Leadership Institute or ASLI, I would like to thank the organizer for inviting me to speak....
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